Taking Your Company Video Seriously…Because It Counts

Taking Your Company Video Seriously…Because It Counts

Although it’s obvious that job seekers are in a position of needing to impress you, it’s easy to forget that you too, as an employer, need to be impressive if you want to attract the most talented job seekers! If you’re looking to hire the best of the best, you can safely assume that they have options and are interviewing at companies other than your own. So just as much as job seekers have to “sell” themselves to you, you also have to do so to them.

In fact, according to a recent survey, the reputation of your company and even the way you present it in the interview may be much more important to job seekers than you realize. Of those surveyed, 68% of job seekers claimed that they would accept a salary that is 5% lower than their lowest acceptable salary if they got a good company impression from the hiring process. Furthermore, 67% would accept this lower salary if the company’s online reviews were outstanding. So, according to the statistics, you really do need to impress!

Jobma recognizes the reality of this need and gives employers the opportunity to post a company video on their Jobma employer account. This video is a great way to both introduce your company to job seekers, impress them, and convince them that this is a company that they want to work for!

The possibilities for your company video are endless. No matter what format you decide to use, remember that the content of this video will influence which job seekers decide to apply and not apply for your company. Speak to the company’s broader mission in order to attract professionals that are passionate about those same missions. Also, consider showing a shot of where the company’s employees work in order to offer a glimpse into the company’s culture. Company culture is a very important piece of the equation in creating a good company-employee match. So not only is this an opportunity to impress job seekers, but it is also an opportunity to attract the ones that will be the right fit.

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