Job Seekers, What’s Your Sign?

Sure, you’ve probably seen or heard about career resources listing job titles by personality type. From personal experience, I can agree that these lists can be quite helpful and accurate in directing us job seekers in the right direction. But have you ever considered how your astrological sign or birth order could be correlated with your career?

A study conducted two years ago by CareerBuilder shows that yes, there are distinct differences in career type and success when you categorize people by their sign or their birth order. The study found patterns regarding salary, profession, and position type between the different groups. Check out the CareerBuilder article for yourself, or read about the study’s key findings below:

  • Those most likely to make six figures include: an only child, the eldest child, a Virgo, an Aires, and a Scorpio.
  • Those most likely to report finding satisfaction in their work include: a person with siblings, a Virgo, a Libra, and a Taurus.
  • Those most likely to hold a C-level job, such as a CEO or Senior VP, include: an only child, the eldest child, a Capricorn, and a Leo.
  • Those most likely to hold a middle management position include: the youngest child and an Aires.
  • Those most likely to hold an entry-level position include: a middle child and an Aquarius.

If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out the full list offering professions by astrological sign!

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