So You Got the Job… Now What?

So You Got the Job… Now What?

So you’ve landed your first job ‘real’ job. Congratulations! We’re all so happy for you. With that being said, now’s the time to hit the ground running. Are you ready?

Building credibility within your work environment is extremely important, especially if you’re fresh out of school. Not only do you need to perform within your job description, but you also need to build your network within the organization, become accustomed to the company culture, and get (and stay) informed. Below are a few key ways to make a good impression and start your career off on the right foot.

  • Go out of Your Way:
    Help your coworkers in any way that you can. It may not be your responsibility, but do it anyway. Not only will this garner their trust, but it will provide you with loads of experience that can potentially help you later on in your career.
  • Be Audience-centric:
    When creating a presentation, or really doing anything at work, think of who will see it, and who it impacts. Do all that you can to convey the information that is most valuable to them in the simplest way possible, and try to add value to their experience with your work.
  • Look for a Mentor:
    Mentorship is a symbiotic relationship in which both parties benefit from sharing information and learning together. Try to create this type of relationship with a more senior member of the staff. By doing so you not only become better socialized within the company, but you also learn valuable insight. Don’t forget that these relationships are not one-sided. Do all that you can to add value, and they will be more than willing to help guide you in your new career.

Walk into your first position with a student mentality, looking to help as many people as you can. Do that and you’ll set yourself up for a successful and fulfilling career.

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