Pre-recorded Video Interviews

Pre-recorded Video Interviews- Pros and Cons

Pre-recorded Video Interviews- Pros and Cons

Pre-recorded video interviews are becoming quite popular recently among businesses of all sizes. However, to many people it still isn’t very clear how it improves the hiring process and why pre-recorded video interviews should be a part of your talent acquisition team.

What is a pre-recorded video interview? In short, it’s an interviewing process that doesn’t need an interviewer to be present when the candidate is recording answers to the interview questions. And how does it work? The hiring managers create interview questions once for all the candidates and send a link to record answers within a time frame. When the candidate submits a recorded video response, recruiters can review & score it on their own time and comfort.

While there are several benefits in one-way video interviews, it also imposes some restrictions on recruiters and the candidates. For instance- you can’t raise counter questions in a pre-recorded video interview, as you are bound to stick to pre-set questions throughout the interview process. Here let’s discuss some benefits and limitations of a pre-recorded video interview:

Pre-recorded video interviews-Pros

1. Break time and distance barrier

No matter where your applicants are, a pre-recorded video interview allows them to participate in the interview process from anywhere and at their own time. With the help of an on-demand video interview, you can review and score the candidates remotely sitting at your home, office, or in a café. This great feature reduces screening time, resolves scheduling issues and, most importantly, enables you to hire candidates from across the globe.

2. Foster better collaboration within the HR team

Collaborative hiring improves your quality of hire. Let’s see how. It engages more than one person in decision-making. Having multiple views and opinions on candidates ensures fairer and more diverse hiring decisions. And it eliminates the chances of conscious or unconscious bias. Fortunately, a One-way Video Interview helps you align all the hiring stakeholders on a single virtual platform and improves hiring collaboration.

3. Boost employer brand and candidate experience

Integration of a modern and tech-savvy HR solution into your recruitment team will positively impact your candidates and help you strengthen your employer brand. An on-demand video interview that includes your branding and logo gives the candidate an impressive experience. And helps them showcase soft skills and professional adequates going beyond what they have mentioned in their CV.

The thing about using one-way video interviews is that interviewers will always end up meeting candidates face-to-face before the final selection process. But a one-way video interview makes initial screening more efficient, evidence-based and helps recruiters find the right candidates faster.

Pre-recorded video interviews-Cons

1. Limits the conversation scope

Pre-recorded video interviews restrict the candidate’s conversation only to pre-set interview questions that recruiters might not find adequate to assess the overall personality of a candidate. As such it is limited to being a screening tool better suited to being used early in the hiring process.

2. No follow-up questions

With an on-demand interview, you can only get answers to pre-set questions that apply to all the candidates participating in the interview process. However, there is no scope to ask counter-questions or follow-up questions amid interviews to check the candidates’ presence of mind.

Pre-recorded interviews stand unparalleled when it comes to screen a lot of candidates at the same time in the earlier stages of hiring. Integrating an on-demand video interview in a talent acquisition department helps recruiters make hiring automated, fast, and cost-effective. It increases your accessibility to the global talent pool and helps you achieve a better hiring experience than ever before. But it also has some limitations that include incapability to entertain follow-up or counter questions and assess diverse personalities of the candidates.

If you need more pre-recorded video interview tips to boost your HR team hiring capabilities, request a free demo of Jobma. You can also contact our technical support team if you have any doubt related to virtual video interviewing.

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