New Grads: Keep Calm and Carry on with Your Job Search

New Grads: Keep Calm and Carry on with Your Job Search

As a recent graduate you may be tempted to soak up the summer months before beginning your job search. That, my friend, is a terrible idea. Though it may seem to be worth it to hang on to your last “free” summer before retirement (what a scary thought…) your job search might take you a lot longer than you think. If you haven’t already started looking, the time to start is now, not at the end of August. Finding a job takes time, and in some cases, a lot of time. So ensuring that you start early and do it right is important. Here are a few tips on how to do it right – right now.

  • Project Professionalism – Before you even begin your job search you have to make sure that your social profiles, email address, and outgoing voicemail are all professional and appropriate. If you have 4,000 pictures of you partying on Facebook, you may or may not want to either tighten up your privacy settings or get rid of those all-together… just a thought.

  • Tailor Your Search – Don’t send a generic resume and cover letter to every company you can think of, that will not only waste your time, but also the time of all of the companies that you aren’t a good fit for. Take a good hard look at what you’re qualified for (though a little wiggle room is okay), tailor a resume and a cover letter, only then are you ready to apply.

  • Speaking of Tailoring… – Create your own personal resume and cover letter templates. You will use the same basic structure and information, and just adjust a few specifics to each position. Instead of drafting an entirely new resume, make bare-bones templates to streamline the customization process for yourself.

  • Keep Calm – As mentioned before, this process takes time, but don’t worry, you will find a job. Just take the time to prepare your online presence, and your resumes, and you’ll be sure to land an interview.

If you want to wow potential employers, consider creating a video resume. Jobma offers a premium profile that allows you to not only customize your resume, but also a video resume for different employers.Check it out here!

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