How to Manage a High Volume of Applicants with Video Interviewing

How to Manage a High Volume of Applicants with Video Interviewing

How to Manage a High Volume of Applicants with Video Interviewing

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Ever had too many job applications to handle? Almost every day, right? You might not be facing Amazon’s level of 200,000 applications a year, but even hundreds of applications can be overwhelming. With such a huge number of applications, it becomes difficult to keep track of each applicant, which may result in the loss of some exceptional talent. A video interviewing platform comes in handy in this scenario enabling you to automate several aspects of your hiring process and screen a high volume of job applicants without having to get on one-on-one calls with them. Let’s dig deeper and understand how video interviewing can be a powerful tool for screening and managing a high volume of applicants.

Why Use Video Interviews for High-Volume Recruiting

High-volume recruiting requires screening a large pool of applicants, shortlisting them, and making a fast hiring decision. You cannot let top candidates wait and hang around for too long otherwise competitors will steal them away. No candidate would ever like to wait for too long to hear from a recruiter and they might get a competing offer. Lack of communication and a complicated process are surefire ways to kill a candidate’s interest in the company. With video interviews, you can improve and expedite the process.

One-way video interviewing helps you quickly screen candidates beforehand and enhances your pre-assessment stage. Eventually, you can have a live video interaction with the shortlisted applicants and finally make the hiring decision. The best part about video interviews is that they save the time, money, and effort that you need when conducting in-person interviews. Let’s get into more detail about how video interviewing helps manage a high volume of applications.

How Video Interviewing Can Help Manage High Volume of Applicants

1. Automated Screening

Screening multiple candidates manually is a time-consuming and complicated process, resulting in increased time-to-hire. With the automated screening feature in an interviewing platform, you can simply screen candidates and conduct initial interviews without the need to call each candidate. Automated systems can scan resumes and applications for keywords related to job requirements. Any documents that contain such keywords can then be prioritized for further review in order to quickly focus on those candidates who most meet those criteria. It allows you to filter out candidates who do not meet specific job requirements. Automated screening can easily manage large volumes of applicants. From 100 applicants up to 1,000+ video responses will be processed efficiently, allowing your recruitment team to focus on finding those who are the best fit. Integrating video interviews with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) reduces the need for you to sit and manually review each and every application.

2. Automated Interview Scheduling

Hiring is an incredibly competitive market and delays could mean losing talented candidates. Interview scheduling generally entails lots of back-and-forth communication between candidates and recruiters to set an interview date and time. While you’re busy managing manual interview scheduling, your candidate is probably already conducting interviews with multiple competitors. Here is where automated scheduling comes into play. Automated scheduling streamlines the interview appointment and management process, saving both time and minimizing human errors. Candidates can select interview slots according to their availability resulting in positive candidate experiences and reducing scheduling conflicts with the interviewer. Automated scheduling acts as an accelerator that ensures top talent doesn’t slip by unnoticed.

3. Customized Questionnaires

Create a set of customized questions to assess candidates’ qualifications and expertise for a job position. For example, if you’re hiring software engineers, consider adding coding challenges or technical questions related to the role to the interview kit. It will help you filter out unqualified candidates early in the recruitment process. When you’re in the process of building questions, create one or two must-know questions as part of each set. If a candidate does not adequately respond to a question, they can be eliminated immediately without needing to watch the entire interview process. Implement behavioral questions that prompt candidates to discuss past roles so that you can get invaluable insights into how candidates handle real-life challenges, aiding more informed hiring decisions. A mix of multiple-choice, situational, and open-ended queries will give you an overall assessment of each candidate’s qualifications and personality.

Interview and Manage a High Volume of Job Applicants with Jobma

4. Time-zone Flexibility

Receiving a high volume of applications means you’re also getting candidates from various geographical locations. With interviewing software, you allow candidates to participate in the interview process without coming to the office location. You can provide candidates from different time zones with multiple time slots throughout the day or let them schedule interviews at their own preferred slots. Send automated text or email reminders to candidates and inform them about their upcoming interview, including the date and time. With traditional in-person interviews, it’s impossible to provide time-zone flexibility because the person has to visit the office. With video interviews, candidates have an opportunity to appear for interviews from the comfort of their homes and at their convenience. Keep assessing the effectiveness of your time-zone flexibility policies and collect feedback from both interviewers and candidates for further improvements.

5. Less Paper-Work

Video interviewing tools let you record and store video interviews securely on the cloud, enabling you to have all the records of candidates with you wherever you go. You don’t have to deal with paperwork and you can revisit interviews whenever required. The best thing is that you have an option to simultaneously send out interview questions to candidates and review their responses at your convenience – allowing you to handle large volumes of applications efficiently and scale your recruitment efforts. It can be challenging to maintain consistency during evaluation processes when dealing with a high volume of submissions. Video interviews provide a standardized format, guaranteeing each candidate responds equally and is judged according to a pre-determined set of questions and criteria. It contributes towards impartial decision-making processes. You get an in-depth and more accurate view of potential candidates than what you get in traditional paper resumes. Visual comparison and analysis tools let you quickly evaluate candidates on communication skills, professionalism, and presentation – invaluable for volume hiring.

6. Evaluate Faster with Adjustable Interview Playback Speed

Video interviews allow candidates to record their responses to pre-set questions. The video responses can be reviewed at an accelerated pace, such as 1.5x or 2x speed without sacrificing comprehension. With faster playback, you can save time and easily gauge candidates’ communication skills and confidence even when there’s a large volume of applicants. Use automatically generated transcriptions and take note of the behavior and skills displayed by candidates. This will enable you to better remember important details during evaluation. Adjust the playback speed so as to maintain fairness during the evaluation process and apply this approach consistently across candidates to avoid bias.


Video interviews can help your company efficiently manage a high volume of job applications. They streamline screening procedures, offer flexibility to candidates across time zones, and reduce paperwork while guaranteeing fair evaluations of candidates. It’s time for your company to adopt the best video interviewing software – book a free demo with Jobma. Save time, money, and effort while recruiting top talent.

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