Just how far can my soft skills get me?

Just how far can my soft skills get me?

When I first started learning about the idea of soft skills being a critical component of whether or not you are hired, I’ll admit that I was quite skeptical. It’s strange to wrap your head around the fact that a job seeker that has better soft skills but less impressive technical skills when compared to yourself might end up landing the job before you! Well, for all you skeptics out there that are still wondering just how far your soft skills can take you, I’ve found three key studies/surveys you should be aware of. Check out their findings:

Researchers at the Carnegie Institute of Technology found that 85% of an individual’s financial success is determined by human engineering, personality, communication and negotiation skills, and leadership skills. The remaining 15% is determined by technical knowledge. (Source: GoArticles.com)

A study by Millennial Branding and Experience, Inc. found that 91% of employers agreed that communication skills were among the hardest skills to find in a job seeker, yet also among the most important. (Source: Econsultancy)

A survey carried out by Training Magazine found that 67% of employers would hire a job candidate with excellent soft skills but weak technical skills. Only 9% would hire someone with terrible soft skills but above-average technical skills. (Source: GoArticles.com)

The blessing of creating a video resume, then, is that it allows you to show off these soft skills that are oh-so-crucial to your job search success. Perhaps you’re just starting in your career and don’t have a plethora of technical skills or work experience to put on your resume. This doesn’t need to be a problem! By making a video resume, you’ll be able to show off your communication skills, enthusiasm, motivation, personal energy, and all of those other soft skills that are, according to the statistics, the ones that stick out in an employer’s mind.

If you’re ready to get started, visit www.jobma.com to sign up for a free job seeker account and start creating your video resume today!

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