Jobma Introduces New Features for its Video Interviewing Software

Jobma Introduces New Features for its Video Interviewing Software

Jobma Introduces New Features for its Video Interviewing Software

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We have an exciting update to share with you. Jobma has introduced several notable features to enhance your hiring process and improve the candidate experience. These features include the ability to blur the background for video interviews, download transcriptions for video responses, adjust your logos, and also new language support. We will explore these features in detail and how they can enhance your recruitment efforts and experience for the candidates:

Video Background Blur

The presence of unprofessional backgrounds and distractions can overshadow a candidate’s true potential. Moreover, they can divert your attention away from skills and qualifications. Jobma’s blur video background feature enhances your focus on the candidate’s performance by blurring the background in their video responses. When turned on, the invited candidates will have blurred backgrounds. The video presented on the candidate’s evaluation page will also have a blurred background. This feature can create a better experience by:

  • Improving focus on candidate qualifications rather than distractions in the surroundings.
  • Creating a more professional appearance and eliminating any visual clutters or unappealing elements.
  • Ensuring visual consistency across candidate videos, making it easier to evaluate and compare them.
  • Protecting candidate privacy and confidentiality, preventing any potentially sensitive information that might be present in the background.

Transcript Download

Watching and taking notes from each pre-recorded video interview is a hectic and time-consuming task. With Jobma’s new AI-generated transcript download functionality, you can quickly review and retrieve key interview information. While the transcript ensures that you haven’t missed any important details of the interview, you can still choose to watch the full video interview to make your decision. Downloaded transcriptions help you by:

  • Allowing quick review of interview content, reducing the need to rewatch entire videos.
  • This enables you to easily look for keywords within the interview responses to get relevant information.
  • Getting you the complete interview content without any missing information also ensures better evaluations.
  • Facilitating seamless collaboration and communication among team members as they get easy access to the shareable interview content.

Additional Features

Another notable addition is that you can now edit and adjust logos in your interviews, enabling you to personalize your branding or choose to show certain parts of a logo that have different shapes or sizes. Jobma has extended its support to the Ukrainian language for its Ukrainian users, opening doors to a wider user base. With the new product update, you can focus on candidates’ skills, assess interview content, customize your branding, and expand your reach.

This update also contains several bug fixes and performance improvements, so you can enjoy the latest and greatest version of the software. To request access to the new features, please reach out to us by filling out the form here or get in touch with our support team.