Interview Basics: How to answer the questions you don’t know!

Interview Basics: How to answer the questions you don’t know!

At least once, we all have to face Interviews. It’s an ultimate truth of everyone’s life. The term “interview” is a quite powerful word and capable of making anyone of you nervous. We try hard to stay confident and positive; still the interviewers manage well and make us feel confused and nervous.

Moreover, the interviewer’s picks and fire some weird questions at the candidate that truly stump out them. Such unexpected questions put a full stop in the ongoing conversation with the interviewer and again leave you a bit shaken up.

So, what should you do and how to handle this tricky situation?

Here, we list out a few ways that will certainly help you to handle such situation without a much of the stress.

  • 1. With a calm approach, take your time to understand the question. Though, it can take a bit more of your time, but finely gather your thoughts to frame a presentable answer. Even after taking time, you fail to answer; then acceptance is the key. Simply accept the fact and admit it that you don’t know the answer. Possibly, your honesty will get appreciated.
  • 2. If you’re asked a question that you know only in bits, but not the exact answer. Then, try to redirect your answer with some similar sounding facts and make it a genuine one. In such situations, it’s always better to relate your answer with some connecting logical facts. Just saying that you don’t connect with the question makes the interviewee to doubt on your skills. And it simply lowers the score of performance. So, wisely redirect your words and present an impressive answer.
  • 3. Sometimes, redirecting your answer or just saying the truth, both the options doesn’t get fit into the situation. Here, you have to play safe. It means you are bound to answer that specific question.

In that case, make use of your research and learning’s to frame the answer of this question. Compose a convincing answer and tell your employer why have made this statement. You can add-on your learning experience from this question. This way of answering makes a positive impact on the interviewer and let the interviewer realize your learning abilities and willingness to solve a problem.

However, the three situations mentioned above are the most common ones and the ways to handle them will certainly help the candidates to frame their answers in a better way. Such kind of interviews let you understand the skills needed by your hiring associates.

Every interview teaches you something; you need to learn from your experiences and then move ahead with the confidence. These kinds of interviews get counted as part of your learning resource and help you to groom your skills.

Before I finish, even after knowing the ways to handle the unexpected questions of an interview, still you are not able to manage it well, then just chill out. It’s not the end of the world. Stay positive; prepare well for your next interview. Good luck!

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