Google+ for Beginners

Google+ for Beginners

I know this blog is filled with posts telling you to put yourself out there (in a professional manner, of course) on social media, because the visibility will help you land that coveted job you’ve been searching for. Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re on social media already, but not everywhere. I live on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, I dabble in instagram, and of course, I’m on LinkedIn.

Anyway, there’s one social media site that I never delved into up until recently, and it’s a big one…Google+.

A little lost on Google+ yourself? Check out this awesome infographic from The Media Revolution. I know, it isn’t aimed at job seekers, but hey, it gives you the gist of how to use the platform, along with some helpful tips about formatting and the like.

Now that you’ve got a little extra information, the point (as you’ve probably read in several other blogs) is to create exposure. You’re building your personal brand with every interaction you have online, so utilizing multiple platforms ensures that when someone looks you up, they see one strong, authentic message about who you are. This speaks to both you as a professional, and in some ways you as a person.

Take the time to get to understand the platforms and how to best use them to reach your target audience, in this case, employers or those you would like to add to your network. Post relevant content, and ensure that you highlight the qualities you want projected to hiring managers and other professionals in your industry.

If you’d like to further enhance your personal brand, think about creating a video resume. Not only do they make you a multi-dimensional candidate from the get-go, but they also bolster your transparency and authenticity to potential employers. For more information on video resumes, check out Jobma.

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