Debunking Video Resume Myths

Debunking Video Resume Myths

Have you shied away from the idea of using a video resume because of some unsound idea you have about their effectiveness or authority? Let’s take a look at some of the more common video resume myths:

  • Video resumes are unconventional and untraditional, so employers won’t want them.
    Yes, video resumes are not traditional. They are not conventional. But that does not mean that employers don’t want them. Video technology is becoming the norm today, and it’s more advanced than ever. We have high-speed Internet, phones with outstanding video capabilities, and even iPads that we can watch YouTube videos on. Just because video was not the way of the past, it certainly does not mean that it will not be the way of the future. Our society is embracing video – employers included!

  • Video resumes don’t add any additional value to my resume. Everything an employer needs is on my text resume.
    This is just nonsense. A video resume lets you tell your story in your own words. It is so much more compelling and enticing. You also turn yourself into a candidate that the employer can know is authentic, real, and to a certain extent, trustable, even before you’ve stepped into the office for an interview. You can’t do this kind of personal branding with a text resume. Also, a video resume allows you to show an employer your soft skills, which is something a text resume cannot do.

  • Video resumes are time-consuming to shoot and upload into a profile. It’s just too hard and I’m not tech-savvy enough.
    Actually, you can shoot and upload your video resume directly on the Jobma website using a webcam. If you prefer, you can also upload a video that you have already created. You can even shoot a video from your smartphone or tablet. Trust me. If I figured it out, then so can you.

  • Video resumes are only useful for sales positions.
    Yes, a sales position is a very obvious example of a position that requires soft skills and would therefore benefit from a video resume application format. However, soft skills encompass many more character qualities than you may initially realize. Examples include a positive attitude, good communication skills, self-confidence, adaptability, personal energy, motivation, personal chemistry, and many more. All of these soft skills are strengths that you can show off using a video resume. Employers will notice these assets! Data has shown that some employers even value soft skills more than hard skills. In fact, according to a recent survey, 67% of HR managers would rather hire administrative staff with strong soft skills even if their technical skills were lacking. Only 9% would hire someone with strong technical skills and weak interpersonal skills.

So now that you have no reason to shy away from video resumes, you can get started today by creating a free Jobma account. Then create or upload your video resume and start applying for jobs immediately!

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