Combining Traditional and Video Resumes

Combining Traditional and Video Resumes

Thinking about using a non-traditional resume to apply for your next position? Before submitting that video on the company’s website, let’s talk about how companies sort through applications.

Many companies, especially larger ones, use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to shift through the endless stream of resumes they receive. These programs strip resumes of their formatting, break them down into searchable keywords, and rate the applicant based on how relevant their compilation of keywords is to the position. I know, it hurts a little when you think about how hard you worked to make your resume look just right… but never fear, if your resume has enough relevant keywords a hiring manager will see it for the beautiful piece of paper it is, for all of about 10 seconds.


Now that you understand that a text based resume is your best bet to get you an interview, let me introduce you to Jobma.

Jobma provides a platform for you to upload a video resume to your personal profile, and what’s more, Jobma attaches a video resume to your traditional paper copy. Not only does Jobma allow you to share your profile and video resume on other job-search platforms, it attaches a scan-able barcode to your paper resume that can be scanned by any smartphone. When scanned, the barcode brings the hiring manager directly to your Jobma profile and video resume. Talk about the best of both worlds!

By using Jobma, you not only maintain your visibility to employers who use ATS, but you also have the opportunity to showcase who you are in a more personal manner with your video resume. Talk about your skills, show off your personality! Add a completely new dimension to the way you market yourself. Your resume doesn’t have to be just like the rest, with Jobma you can still use the non-traditional resume without getting lost in the shuffle.

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