But I’m Too ________ For a Video Resume

But I’m Too ________ For a Video Resume

Go ahead. Fill in the blank with your biggest insecurity. “I’m too old. I’m too shy. I’m too ugly. I’m too heavy.” When I told my roommate about Jobma and the concept behind video resumes, her first response was that she doesn’t film well because she’s too pale and, therefore, she would never use a video resume. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have any self-consciousness thoughts myself upon first learning about video resumes.

Well folks, I’m writing to tell you that all of these ideas are ludicrous. They don’t make sense for two main reasons. Allow me to explain.

Before diving into these two reasons, I will admit that yes, research does show that employers do discriminate based on one’s attractiveness, weight, disfigurements, and other physical characteristics. But against what you may initially think, not making a video resume will not prevent discrimination or avoid this issue in any way.

First of all, employers are going to find out what you look like regardless of whether or not you create a video resume. If by some miracle they are unable to locate a photo when they are scouring the Web and Facebook, they will obviously see you if and when you come in for your interview. How ironic would it be if you were trying to prevent giving an employer a bad first impression by not creating a video resume and, in doing so, an embarrassing Facebook picture became your first impression instead? In short, creating a video resume allows you to have the upper-hand and control your first impression.

Second, employers value confidence. What kind of message are you sending if you don’t allow yourself to make a video resume because you’re too _________? Do you think these kinds of thoughts will plant the roots for positive self-esteem and growth? Probably not. Furthermore, if you embrace and portray an insecure and doubting self-image, employers will probably also doubt your ability to perform on the job too. But if you can, instead, embrace yourself and confidently project yourself in a video resume (whether or not you’re faking it), employers will notice and be attracted to this quality. According to an article by The Undercover Recruiter, courage is the sixth top quality that employers look for and value in job candidates. I’ll say it again: creating a video resume is a great way to show that you are a confident and courageous individual that is capable of handling responsibilities and performing on the job.

If you haven’t already done so, get started on your free video resume trial today. Tell your story, take control of your first impression, and show your potential employers that you are confident in your professional abilities and they should be too!

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