5 Skills That Will Help You Land Your Next Job

5 Skills That Will Help You Land Your Next Job

Job seekers who possess an evolving skill set always have an easier time finding a job. The following sought after skills will have you on the right track to getting hired for your next career:

Statistics and Data Analysis

Big Data is here! Data is being compiled all over the place in the business world. Marketers collect social media and website data. Managers are collecting usage data on CRM tools and sales numbers. Finance departments are creating ROI numbers. Collecting the data is the easy part. Disseminating it into something easily understood and actionable is another challenge. Being able to work with data as an analyst is a growing market.

Social Media

Social Media is all over the place and having a big impact on the business world. Understand the tools available that help professionals get the job done. Understand social analytics, social listening, and creating content to create conversations.

Foreign Language

Foreign language will set you apart from most candidates. Being able to speak Spanish, Chinese, etc… is a huge differentiator. Many businesses perform on a global level and you can earn your part in it by being able to effectively communicate with multiple cultures.

Technical Savvy

Many business applications are moving to the cloud. Knowing Microsoft Office is no longer good enough to be productive in the workforce. Exposing yourself to a wide variety of software and platforms will show your ability to learn and evolve in an ever changing environment.


Your role today might not be your role tomorrow. What you had planned to do today at work might not end up being what gets accomplished by the end of the work day. That is ok. Being able to handle constant change and direction will make you an attractive candidate. Reflect on experience you have had on a crazy work day and share that story in an interview or on a video resume. Show how you can multi-task and handle a stressful environment and come out successful.

Whatever skills you have or plan on learning, remember, jobseekers need to think about what hiring managers will search for when creating their resume or video resume. Keywords like “motivated”  and “detail oriented” rarely get searched for over quality hard skills. Get noticed by your skillset and experience.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Hired.

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