WHY JOBMA SERIES: Jobma vs. VidRes from the Job Seeker P.O.V.

WHY JOBMA SERIES: Jobma vs. VidRes from the Job Seeker P.O.V.

Our series on comparing Jobma to other video resume websites continues. If you’re new to our blog, this series will provide you with the information you need to know and understand the features Jobma offers that other video resume platforms do not.

While both Jobma and VidRes are platforms where you can showcase your video resume and job seeker profile, as well as search and apply for jobs, there are some important differences between the two:

  • Video length.
    Compared to Jobma’s sixty-second video, VidRes’s thirty-second video really puts a limit on how much you can present within your video resume. Thirty seconds is not a lot of time! Trust me. I’ve tried to make a thirty-second video resume before.

  • Text resume upload.
    While Jobma allows you to both upload your actual text resume into your profile and complete your job seeker profile with its generic job seeker profile template, VidRes only allows you to complete your profile using its generic job seeker profile template. While this template is fairly comprehensive, it should not be a substitute for an actual text resume. Having all of your job seeker information concentrated within one page allows employers to quickly and efficiently grasp who you are as a professional and what your most relevant experiences have been. A real text resume also gives you an opportunity to detail information in a way that may not be possible using a generic template.

  • Advanced sharing capabilities.
    Jobma gives each job seeker a customized URL connected to their job seeker profile that he/she can personally tailor. Job seekers are also given a QR code on their actual text resumes to allow employers to access their profiles simply by scanning the QR code with a smartphone. These two features, which VidRes does not have, make it incredibly easy to share your job seeker profile with friends, family, classmates, and employers.

  • Video resume creation.
    While VidRes only allows you to upload a video resume, Jobma allows you to create a video resume right from your job seeker profile or upload a preexisting video. With Jobma, you can even create a video resume right from your smartphone using the Jobma iPhone or Android application. (As a side note, VidRes does not offer its users a smartphone application.)

  • Premium membership.
    Unlike VidRes, Jobma offers job seekers a premium membership that allows them to upload multiple video resumes, allowing for customization for specific positions or companies.

Visit www.jobma.com to create a free job seeker account today and enjoy these Jobma-specific features.

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