The Secret to Thinking Like an Interviewer

The Secret to Thinking Like an Interviewer

Although they are both obviously very important parts of the application process, the information offered by your resume and interview are quite different. From your resume, an employer can usually determine if you are qualified and capable of executing the tasks demanded by the given position. From your interview, however, the employer seeks to answer the following: Can I see myself working with this person?

So in order to be successful in your future interviews, perhaps try shifting your focus away from reiterating your resume, which the employer has already seen, and towards demonstrating the qualities that make you a good person to work with. What exactly, then, are these qualities?

  • Likeability:
    As crazy as it sounds, this actually plays a substantial role in your interviewing process. Employers want to hire pleasant people that they could see themselves working alongside. They want to hire people that they like and will enjoy spending 40+ hours per week with.
  • Loyalty:
    During your interview, employers are asking themselves if you seem like a reliable and dependable person. If there was an emergency within the company, could the employer rely on you for help? Also, employers are wondering if you’re a job-hopper or if you’re truly interested in taking on this position and working for the given company for more than a year or two. Employers want someone that can be their right-hand man.
  • Trust:
    This is similar to loyalty, but it’s a very important quality to make sure that you are demonstrating in your interviews. Employers need to be able to trust that you can perform as a professional. The last thing they need is an employee to babysit. They need to know that if they tell you to do something, it will get done.
  • Enthusiasm:
    Employers are excited about their companies. They’re truly passionate about furthering the company’s mission and goals. They want to work with someone that can share this passion. To make sure you’re ready to show this quality in your interview, spend some time preparing to answer the “Why do you want this job?” question.

To get a head start, keep these things in mind as you’re shooting your video resume. If you have the right qualifications and can demonstrate that you have these key soft skills, you’ll be on your way to landing those interviews! If you haven’t yet created your video resume or job seeker profile, visit to sign up for free and get started today.

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