Jobma integration with Zoho Recruit

Jobma integrates with Zoho Recruit

Jobma integrates with Zoho Recruit

One of the core beliefs that has always motivated us here at Jobma is that Technology that enhances human decision-making should be available to everyone and should fit into their workflow with minimum disruption. These two guiding principles have shaped the way Jobma was built and continues to evolve over the years. It has influenced the way we envision Jobma being used by our clients and it has affected the way our partnerships and integrations function.

At Jobma we understand that digitizing your interview process can often be a difficult decision to make. After all, decades of tradition isn’t something that is set aside lightly. Some of the most common questions we get from clients are always “Will our candidates like it?” “Will this work for the type of positions we hire for?” or “Will it fit in with the way we find and hire talent?” And the answer always is a resounding “Yes!”. Studies show that candidates like doing video interviews. The flexibility of the technology ensures that you can use it for almost any type of recruitment you do.

Jobma integrates with Zoho Recruit

But to fit in a new technology into your hiring workflow is always a challenging decision. That is where our partnerships come into play. Over the years Jobma has partnered with industry-leading Applicant tracking systems, Analytical tools, and Job boards to ensure that the workflow of our clients faces minimum disruption when they introduce Jobma into their recruitment process. An integrated solution allows our users to make the most of video interviews without making significant changes in the way they do things.

The Jobma – Zoho Recruit integration is an excellent example of how we believe an optimal integrated solution should function. If you are Jobma user who also uses Zoho Recruit as their Applicant tracking system, then this integration will let you set up and view Jobma Video interviews directly from Zoho Recruit’s dashboard. Using this integration, you can invite candidates in for a Jobma pre-recorded video interview platform from Zoho Recruit itself and then view the results of the interview without ever leaving Zoho Recruit’s dashboard.

We also had a chance to talk to Kothandaraman Shanmugam, Product Manager for Zoho Recruit who gave us his thoughts on the integration – “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Jobma. Interviews are critical in any hiring process and to be able to do that digitally from within our platform, thanks to Jobma, is going to save a large amount of time for recruiters.”

As we continue to move forward into 2020, partnerships with industry leaders like Zoho will continue to add value to Jobma and enable our users to find better talent faster than they have ever before. We can’t wait to share more of what lies ahead for Jobma in this year. So stay tuned and watch this spot for more.

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