I Don’t Know What I’m Doing?

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing?

After you complete your education you may ponder what you will be doing in your life. For most, the answer is that you need a job to earn money for your livelihood. For that, you should choose your profession that accord with your training and education. For the rest, you may pursue your passion, which may vary with your upbringings and your interests. You may wish to be a singer, a dancer, a lyricist, a painter, an actor, a musician, a photographer, a player, or any other vocation that pleases you. You can make your living by

But the question you may ask: What is the mission of my life? What I’ll be doing in my life? I don’t know what I’m doing? This is a very common query that every individual asks to themselves that what is the ambition of their life. What they want to achieve from their life. The answer may vary from person to person. Some wants to proceed in their simple job life and retire happily. Many want to fulfill their lifelong mission of doing social work; providing help to poor. Some wants to be famous by doing things that make them immortal. And many crave to earn lots of wealth and luxury and live their life in pleasure.

Most often you say I don’t know what I’m doing? The thing is that nobody can decide that whatever they are doing is what they wanted to or intended to do. The things you do may be different than the things that you love to do. You should judge yourself from the below mentioned suggestions before deciding what you should do in your life.

  • Your job is not your mission, pursue your passion and live your mission.
  • Finding your passion is important, figure out your passion and pursue it.
  • It’s ok to change, change is growth. Think change as variety instead of uncertainty.
  • Pretending to be perfect doesn’t make us perfect, accept that we are human.
  • Life is not about what you want to be but how or who you want to be.
  • Live your life, enjoy and let others live too. Help others and help yourself.
  • It’s ok to wait, you don’t need to hurry. Time will come and your will proceed.

Follow your instincts and try to satisfy yourself to all your extents. What you can do, do; who you are, be; how you are, accept. For those who need a job to earn money, JOBMA comes to their rescue. JOBMA provides comprehensive job listing to find your dream job and make your life settled. For those who need to pursue his/ her passion. You follow your passion. You pursue you mission. What JOBMA will provide is all the professions and your dream work that you may opt for. It will aid in your decision, and provides all the pros and cons before you decide what you should be doing in life, and how to achieve it.

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