How Video Interview Software Fosters Efficient Hiring?

How Video Interview Software Fosters Efficient Hiring?

Video interview software reduces hiring bias by standardizing the recruiting process. It allows candidates to participate in the interview process on their own time. It enables them to re-record their video responses, which means less stress to get everything right at the maiden attempt. Not only this, the hiring team can better evaluate applicants using video recruiting software as they can record candidate’s answers and rewatch whenever they want. If you’re one of those, who is stuck with traditional hiring methods and spending valuable time eliminating odd-fit candidates one by one, it’s high time to shift to digital interviewing and transform your hiring efficiency to the next level.

Moreover, the integration of video screening software into your talent acquisition team allows you to screen millions of candidates simultaneously. And shortlist the most deserving people for higher rounds of interviews, putting less effort than multiple tedious telephonic rounds.  Have a look below to know everything about how virtual interviewing solutions could revolutionize your hiring.

Ease your scheduling burden

When shortlisting applicants using traditional methods, recruiters spend a lot of time going back and forth via email to manage the calendar and find a suitable time for everyone participating in the interview. This process takes weeks and sometimes months to bring the right-fit people in for in-person interviews, and your scheduling arrangement turns into a complex puzzle to deal with. But we have a solution for you that helps you relieve much of your hiring stress. Adding a pre-recorded video interview brings recruitment automation into your talent acquisition team and enables you to streamline your recruitment schedules quickly and more effectively than ever. Using a digital hiring solution, you can post jobs on the online portal and get a list of the most deserving candidates based on job descriptions quickly and automatically. Best of all, it auto manages your interview calendar and sends status notifications to the candidates. It saves the valuable time of recruiters and relieves them from hectic interview scheduling burdens. Video recruiting software allows everyone in your talent acquisition team to leave feedback and review & score the candidates from afar on an integrated virtual platform. It reduces time consumption in the hiring process and ensures a quick response.

Improve performance tracking

Integrating a video interviewing tool into your HR team allows you to record unlimited interviews and scan the top performers in the interview more easily. Such a tech-savvy feature helps you compare what candidates had in common? How did they differ when replying to similar questions? How was their expression? Detail and data-backed analysis of applicants enables you to decide whether or not a candidate suits your company’s work culture. However, pre-recorded interviewing software like Jobma provides you ATS-enabled dashboard to track the personal and team performance of the recruiters when hiring the candidates. And technological transformations like this bring revolutionary improvements in your recruitment methods.

Get more insight before making big decisions

Those involved in talent acquisition are aware of the investment associated with conducting outdoor interviews or calling long-distance professionals for an interview on your company premises. But having a video interviewing technology eliminates your investment in travel and stay. It allows recruiters to gauge the candidate’s professional capabilities, personality, soft skills, and non-verbal expressions from afar, going beyond what they have mentioned in their CV. And allows only the right-fit candidates to get in for higher rounds of interviews.  Hence, if you have a virtual hiring solution in your talent acquisition tool kit, you don’t need to pay for a flight and a stay to get a feel for what a candidate is about.

Make your hiring more consistent

If you are into the business of hiring people for your organization, you probably have experienced that it’s challenging to evaluate the best fit for the position due to ever-changing question patterns and inconsistent interview schedules. If you also feel the same, don’t worry! We have a solution. Pre-recorded video interviews let recruiters record interview questions once for all the candidates. This allows them easily compare a candidate from the rest and find out the best performer among them. Set of questions in a virtual interviewing are scripted in advanced and eliminates the chances of small chit-chat amid interviews and maintains consistency when interviewing. Moreover, it fosters more comprehensive and accurate recruitment and reduces the chances of biased or gut-based hiring.

Ensures participation of passive candidates

Digital interview tool makes it easy for the hiring managers to advertise their job posts on multiple online job portals and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. An already employed candidate who isn’t desperately looking for a new job might not update their CV on the job portal but find active on social sites to widen their social network and career opportunities. The good thing is people with high aspirations are always open to a new position when offered the right benefits, perks, and career growth. A digital interview solution enables recruiters to track dynamic talent on job portals and social media networks from a single virtual platform. And help recruiters outsource qualified candidates on the job board using multiple sources.

On the contrary, if already engaged candidates have to travel across the city for an interview, they will likely not pursue the opportunity, and you end up losing a potentially great talent for your company. So, no more overthinking or delay. Subscribe to Jobma video interview for free to get in dynamic people in your company.

Check the candidate’s command over technology

Inviting candidates for interviews using a virtual interviewing tool makes it’s inevitable for a new hire to have some degree of understanding about digital hiring and technology. Interestingly, a video recruiting platform enables you to evaluate the level of technical skills before you hire. Suppose a candidate records a faulty interview with no audio, or the picture doesn’t get recorded. In that case, it is a red flag over the candidate’s technological abilities, and you should rethink before hiring such people. Similarly, if an applicant avoids using virtual hiring software, it’s a sign of their low technological skills.

These are the crucial role of video recruiting software in making your recruitment practices efficient, effective, and comprehensive. Using a digital interviewing tool, you can discover, engage, and hire dynamic talent for your organization, putting less effort and in the first attempt. Besides, it makes interviewing quicker and cost-effective without compromising the hire’s quality. What changes does digital interviewing bring in your interviewing experience? Please feel free to share your views with us. And if you haven’t yet integrated a virtual hiring solution to your HR team. Request a free demo of Jobma and start video interviewing for free now!