Effective Recruitment Strategy to Source a Diverse Talent Pool

Effective Recruitment Strategy to Source a Diverse Talent Pool

Workplaces are changing. Decades ago, employees were encouraged to stay in the same organization for their career growth. But now, the time has changed, and they tend to change their jobs after every few years. They seek new opportunities to climb the ladder of success. Therefore, the hiring strategies of a company are more important than ever in this ever-evolving industry.

The recruitment process is an integral part of any business. So, an effective recruitment strategy is essential to ensure the hiring of world-class talent. There is much more to recruitment strategy than just ticking the boxes of skills. When hiring candidates, it’s important to look at the needed skills and qualifications. But you must also ensure that these candidates come from diverse backgrounds. Diverse candidates always bring unique perspectives to the table. Moreover, according to a certain study, 77% of talent professionals indicated that diversity is very important for the future of hiring. Most recruiters would agree that diverse teams help organizations be more creative and get better results.

Generating diversity awareness is one of the top challenges for companies today. It requires constant efforts to attract and find diverse talent. In this competitive recruiting market, hiring strategies are the key factors that help you in winning over the best diverse talent. Check out the following blog to learn the innovative recruitment strategies to source a diverse talent pool.

Why is workplace diversity so important?

Diversity in the workplace means your staff should consist of people from different experiences and backgrounds. Diversity in regard to anything from religion, race, and gender to socio-economic levels and sexual orientation always brings better results.

Many surveys revealed that diversity and inclusion are at the top when going through employment factors. A diverse workforce can be very beneficial for your business, and it has been proven time and again. Some of the benefits of fostering a diverse workforce include-

  • More innovative ideas due to varied perspectives
  • Boost team engagement
  • Increase employee confidence
  • Faster problem solving
  • Promote team engagement

A diverse workforce always permits workers to have healthy discussions and avoid heated arguments when any problem arises.

Strategies to source diverse candidates

1. Target multiple sources to seek candidates

Hiring a diverse talent starts with looking for the right talent at the right place. An excellent way to ensure hiring diverse candidates is to source candidates at multiple places. While looking for candidates, don’t rely on the same sources. Target sources where you know candidates congregate. Many online channels are dedicated to different groups, such as a particular group is dedicated to women in technology. You can use these channels to meet and connect with potential candidates directly. The more you look at these channels, the higher are the chances of creating a diverse talent pool.

2. Invest in technology

To reach a diverse candidate base, you need a multi-pronged approach. Look for the resources that will take you closer to diverse candidates. Moreover, some tools have been designed to connect you with a diverse pipeline of candidates. You can invest in video interview software or an applicant tracking system to reach a diverse pool of candidates at ease. These modern tools have numerous features to streamline your hiring process for the best results. With these tools, you can reach out to diverse candidates quickly.

3. Create your employer brand to reflect the diversity

Another way to boost diversity while sourcing candidates is to develop an employer brand that values different opinions and people. Moreover, an employer brand is necessary to establish a reputable image. Simply put, building an employer brand means creating an online presence that reflects your good treatment to employees. When you maintain a good reputation, a higher number of candidates get attracted to your organization. Moreover, your employer brand should talk about the importance of diversity within your team. You can easily attract diverse candidates because you value different ideas.

4. Write appealing job descriptions

Posting vacancies on job boards is the easiest way to attract diverse candidates. Make sure to take a closer look at your job descriptions. Think carefully about the language in your job description, and create engaging job descriptions. Moreover, you should clearly mention the job requirements in those descriptions to set clear expectations in advance. Post these job descriptions on different job boards to maximize the reach. Job seekers usually look for the ideal company on these job boards. You will get multiple job applications from these job boards; review those applications, and source the potential candidates among them.

5. Boost the diverse candidate referral program

Word of mouth is one of the best recruitment strategies to attract a diverse pool of candidates. Encourage your diverse candidates to refer their friends. Everyone is likely to be friends with people with a similar background as them. Therefore, you must focus on establishing a diverse candidate referral program to boost diversity. Ask your employees to refer potential candidates from their groups. Candidates get easily attracted to companies that their friends recommend to them. Moreover, they will also share what it is like to work in your organization, which will increase the chances of attracting them. Furthermore, it is the most cost-effective recruitment strategy.

6. Leverage social media to source diverse talents

Expanding your social media presence is a great way to attract diverse candidates. Your social media presence enhances your employer brand, which allows you to find and target potential candidates. Millions of groups are there on LinkedIn for every profession. Post relevant openings on LinkedIn, and win over a wider pool of diverse candidates. Apart from LinkedIn, Facebook is another platform to target ideal diverse applicants. Facebook permits you to target certain specific demographics with which you can create targeted advertising campaigns to reach various candidates.

7. Eliminate hiring bias

Hiring bias is one of the major challenges in creating a diverse workforce. Unconscious biases are very common because it is human nature. But if you want to create a diverse workforce, it can be a hindrance. You must embrace technology to eliminate unconscious bias from the hiring process. Companies should opt for digital interview software to ensure a bias-free recruitment process.

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Summing it up

Attracting top talent is crucial for your business growth, and attracting diverse talent is more important. Workplace diversity is an important asset; it acknowledges individuals’ strengths and potential they have. Valuing each other’s differences brings everyone together and is the secret to a thriving workplace. Therefore, employers must put devoted efforts into sourcing a diverse talent pool. Implementing these effective tips will help you source a diverse pool of talent and get the best people onboard.