Custom URLs and Social Media

Custom URLs and Social Media

Personal branding is extremely valuable in today’s job search. That is without question. Once you’ve crafted a brand message and image that you want to project to the larger world, it’s time to get down to business.

It is important to consistently incorporate your brand throughout both your in-person and online presence. While carrying yourself a certain way will create transparency and authenticity in face-to-face encounters, more is necessary to maintain your online persona. One extremely beneficial tool  is the use of customized URLs. They are available throughout social media, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like, and they are important for a number of reasons.

  • Ease of Access – By customizing your URLs, you make it easier for others to find you. These URLs make it easier for search engines to pull up relevant content when someone searches your name, streamlining the search process, and creating a singular identity across multiple access points.

  • Consistency – Being consistent across all of your social media and web content defines your brand. Using the same, or extremely similar, URLs strengths your ability to spread your message.

  • Authenticity – By putting your name, your message, and your image online, you express that you are genuine and authentic. When you use a custom URL you allow others to easily see connections between your content and who you are as a professional.

Customized URLs are also, generally, more attractive than whatever the site generates for you. When putting your social media profiles on a resume, business card, or email signature, it not only looks better, but clearly ties you with your content.

If you want to further strengthen your personal brand, consider creating a Jobma account. Not only does Jobma allow you to customize your URL, it also provides a platform on which you can post your resume, a video resume, links to all of your social media all in one place. Further, Jobma let’s job seekers share this information limitlessly on social media pages, other job boards, and through email. If you want to show a potential employer who you are, this is the way to do it.

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