5 Questions You Should Consider Asking in Your Next Interview

5 Questions You Should Consider Asking in Your Next Interview

Ok, so you have earned an interview and really want to put your best foot forward in an interview. Eventually there will come to a point where they ask you if you have any questions for them. The last thing you want to answer back is that you do not have any questions. Asking questions shows you are more interested in that specific job and company than just the act of getting a job. It also shows that you were paying attention and engaged in the interview enough to come up with some follow up. Here are some questions you should consider asking during your next interview.

  • How would you describe a typical day/week in this position and in this company? This question will allow you to get some insight into how the company works and what to expect. It also gives the impression that you are trying to place yourself in their company with the idea on how you would fit into their day to day life.

  • What is the best part about working here? This question will challenge the interviewer to reflect on what they enjoy about their job or the company. It can show you a lot about how much pride employees have in their job and their company.

  • What is the organizational structure like? The organizational structure will allow you to learn about who you would report to and give you a better idea of your growth potential within the company. Follow up this question by asking about the individual you would report to specifically and the type of manager that they are.

  • What are your expectations of this position over the first 30 or 60 days? The answer to this question should point to what their most crucial need is. Whether this is a new position or they are filling a gap from an old position, they have work in mind that needs to be accomplished. If they mention a specific project that you can speak to from experience or expertise it could greatly improve your chances of landing the job.

  • What’s the next step? This is an interview question must! Show some assertiveness by asking what the next steps are. You may find out they are in a hurry to hire or that the process will take place over many weeks. Understanding the timeline and being able to follow up will put you in a good position with the perspective employer.
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