What are the benefits of Employee Empowerment and How to implement it?

What are the benefits of Employee Empowerment and How to implement it?

Hitting a wall is the worst feeling in the corporate world. Employees sometimes get stuck in a situation where they feel they have enough potential to do more but don’t have the resources or authority to do it. This condition can make employees frustrated and demoralized. The solution to this problem is empowering employees.

Employee empowerment is a global buzzword nowadays, which has a lot of importance. Empowering employees is crucial to get success in the business. Managers must understand that they can’t get the desired results with demoralized or unsatisfied employees. The effectiveness of the team is important to make the organization more productive. Therefore, knowing how to empower and motivate employees is essential for leaders of all levels. You can only be a good leader if you have the ability to empower your employees. Multiple studies state that employee empowerment is directly related to increased productivity. Moreover, it significantly impacts employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. With the right tools and approach, companies can easily empower their employees. In this comprehensive blog, you will learn about the benefits of employee empowerment and ways to implement it. But first, let’s understand what exactly employee empowerment is.

What is employee empowerment?

It is basically a management philosophy that accentuates giving employees the support, resources, and authority they need to act independently. Empowerment in the workplace requires leaders to share their power with their teams, giving them a certain degree of autonomy. When employees are empowered, they work even harder to accomplish tasks within the given time. Let’s proceed further to discuss the benefits of employee empowerment.

Benefits of employee empowerment

1. Motivated employees

Increased employee motivation is one of the crucial benefits of empowering employees. Experts suggested that employees who have the authority to complete tasks in their own way work harder. They are more engaged and put their best foot forward. If employees are satisfied and motivated, they are likely to stay in your organization longer, which ultimately improves the retention rate. Companies that empower their employees are more likely to become more successful.

2. Boosts productivity

Empowering employees creates a positive environment that leads to maximum productivity. When employees are involved in all critical-decision making issues, they are more productive. An expert from an educational foundation once stated that employees are vital assets when it comes to productivity. They have better ideas that can prove to be beneficial for businesses. Companies must pay attention to employees’ ideas in order to grow.

3. Better customer handling

Customer experience largely depends upon what is happening inside the company. Therefore, you can see the direct impact of employee empowerment on your customer service. As per a Gallup survey, companies that empower their employees experience 50% higher client satisfaction. Empowered employees feel happy in their work, and they take full responsibility for the tasks they do.

Organizations must reap the benefits of empowered employees because they deliver superior services. Moreover, these employees can deal with different types of customers with efficiency. If employees have the authority and needed resources, they can deal with the unsatisfied customers there and then.

4. Job satisfaction

We all know that we are more satisfied when we have the liability to make our decisions. With the environment of accountability, employees feel motivated, and they are more satisfied at the end of the day. Happy and satisfied employees are more energetic and productive. Moreover, they try to motivate other employees as well to do their work with full dedication. So leaders must encourage employees to use their perspectives in completing tasks. When they are satisfied, it automatically improves employee branding.

5. Improved employee branding

Empowering employees has a direct correlation with improved employer branding. When your brand is known for giving accountability to its employees, it leaves a great impression on candidates. Many qualified employees will be attracted to your company.

The core idea of employer branding is to have a work culture where employees act as brand ambassadors. They present your company; when you empower them, you make an ideal workplace for job seekers. Your organization will be on the top of every candidate’s list. It also improves the retention rate.

Ways to implement employee empowerment

As you know now, employee empowerment has tremendous benefits. But incorporating into the company’s culture takes intense focus. Use the following tips to empower your employees, and be a successful organization.

1. Provide necessary tools and resources

If leaders want to empower their employees, they must provide the needed resources to them. Lack of resources is the biggest challenge employees usually face. Moreover, providing necessary training and technology is also essential to increase your business productivity. Companies that eagerly adapt to technology are better at deriving excellent results. For example, you must allow your hiring team to use new recruiting methods, such as video interview software. This modern technology will help them to hire remote candidates more efficiently.

2. Foster robust communication

Robust communication is a critical factor in promoting empowerment in the workplace. Employees must feel connected; they should not be the last ones to know about any development in the organization. When you make sharing information a norm, you will notice the difference on your own.

To be a great leader, you have to be a great listener. Leverage your communication skills to implement employee empowerment. Making employees feel heard really boosts their morale. Facilitate open communication, and enhance the feeling of belongingness in the organization.

3. Timely rewards and recognition

Offering timely rewards and recognition is a proven way to boost employees’ confidence and uplift their morale. Empowerment is a slow process, and you need to focus on culture-building from the very beginning. Therefore, meaningful rewards give them a needed push. You can announce the employee of the month as it will encourage them to perform better. Or you can just say some words of appreciation to boost their confidence.

4. Give honest feedback

As a leader, you have a huge role in employee empowerment. One of the key responsibilities is giving your team the authority to do tasks independently. To empower your employees, you must focus on delivering honest feedback on their performance. Empowerment is all about guiding and supporting your employees. Therefore, feedback should be a day-to-day affair in the workplace to facilitate empowerment.

Be specific and clear while providing feedback, and show them where they can improve. A study by Gallup stated that 67% of employees whose managers focus on strengths were more engaged as compared to 33% whose managers focus on weaknesses. Offering suggestions, constructive feedback, and encouraging good work are building blocks of a positive and supportive work environment.

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5. Promote employee engagement

Employee empowerment and engagement go hand-in-hand as empowerment improves engagement, and engaged workers often feel empowered. Leaders must nurture an environment where employees feel connected and emotionally invested. It will help in attaining job satisfaction. When your workplace has both engaged and empowered employees, you are surely on a path to productivity and profitability.

Summing it up

The corporate culture is going through a lot of changes, and individuals no longer see their work as a way of earning money. They look for a place where they can thrive and complete tasks on their terms. Employee empowerment is a perpetual process, which you can achieve with progressive efforts. Multiple studies find employee empowerment leads to improved work performance and higher job satisfaction. So, use the methods mentioned above to implement employee empowerment in your workplace and increase business productivity.