The New Resume for 2023

The New Resume for 2023

Your resume is a living document. It goes wherever you go professionally and changes to reflect your career path and professional interests and goals. As 2023 approaches, it’s time to embrace some new formats and compliments to your trusty paper resume.

  • The Video Resume:
    The video resume is coming into its own. Technology has gotten to a point where video recording and sharing is simple and accessible. Interviews are being conducted online, and YouTube receives billions of views every single day. Take your job search to the next level and embrace your story telling ability on a level previously unavailable to job applicants prior to an interview. Use your words and your personality to showcase why you are the right candidate for the company you are applying to. Sites such as offer candidates the ability to create a profile and video resume and share it out anywhere.

  • LinkedIn Profile:
    It’s no secret that social media is an important component of job seeking if you have been following our blog. What we have seen is more and more job portals accepting an application via a LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile can be a fairly complete professional portfolio if you treat it as such. It can act as a full resume, is keyword searchable, and combines endorsements of skills and recommendations of people in your network.

  • Personal Website:
    Now, certain job categories lend themselves to having personal websites more than others, but if you have the ability to have your own website it certainly opens up potential opportunities. A personal website can be an eye catching way to showcase your skills and projects in a format that is easily found and shared online. It could help you get job inquiries as well as a chance to dabble in consulting if that idea appeals to you.

The resume of 2023 can be a much broader and more effective tool than in previous decades. The availability of technology allows just about anyone to really beef up their presence online. You know when you are in the running for any job that your name will be searched. It is up to you what they find!

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