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Automate your hiring with Jobma Video Interview software today and enjoy hassle-free recruitment.

Avoid delay and save

Resources with Jobma pre-recorded Video Interview

  • Enjoy low-cost video interviewing pricing and save a tremendous amount on hiring resources.
  • Make your screening more than 60% faster compared to traditional hiring practices with one-way video interviews.
  • Gauge soft skills, non-verbal expressions, and culture fit early in the process before calling applicants in for in-person interviews.
  • Reduce wastage of time and resources on interviewing by up to 50%.

How Jobma Video

Recruiting Platform Can Help
You Reduce Time-to-Hire

Data-driven screening Helps You Engage the Right Fit

Jobma's On-demand video interview reduces multiple screening rounds. It offers the dedicated feature to shortlist the candidates based on job description data and select the right fit applicants for higher hiring stages in a single attempt. With Jobma, you can structure the candidate's data more comprehensively and use it to quickly scan the applicant's ability to make the right decision and perform as a working professional.

Foster Effortless interviewing With Seamless Automated features

It takes less than half time to create a pre-recorded video interview compared to the traditional hiring practices. Send an automated invitation, track and follow up recruiting process using scheduled reminders, and share interview details with your panel and experts for feedback & review using Jobma video screening platform. Conducting a pre-recorded video interview helps you avoid hectic one-by-one screening and engage with more applicants in less time without compromising the quality of hire.

Recruitment at your fingertips

Make your interviewing process significantly easy and fast track with Jobma video interview app. And impress your candidates by allowing them to attend video interviews on their smartphones. It comes with Omni-platform compatibility, including ios, android, and Mak OS; hence easy to access and use for all of the candidates participating in the interview process. Jobma mobile interviewing app helps you instantly engages potential hires through 24*7 accessibility and get them excited about your company without wasting time on research.

Asynchronous interviewing helps you fast track recruitment

Jobma's one-way video interview platform brings recruitment automation to your hiring practices and eliminates time-consuming one-by-one manual screening of the candidates from the interview schedule. Such significant transformation in the interview process reduces interview rounds and time to hire right-fit candidates for the position. Besides, using asynchronous interviewing features, you can participate in the interview process from wherever and whenever you want without obligation to be present in real-time interviews.

Why Should

Your Organization Use Video Interviewing?

Expedite recruitment process

Jobma's virtual video interview can make your recruitment process faster by 60%.

Reduces per-hire cost

Connect with the worldwide talent remotely, scan them in detail before calling in for in-person interviews, and save expenses on travel and stay.

Streamline-recruitment process

Pre-determine interview parameters, customize your interview based on need and evaluate your recruitment strategies using Jobma pre-screening video interview to bring more objectivity in your hiring.

Identify Talent Faster

Record unlimited interview video and compare a candidate with the rest to make your hiring evidence-based and identify the best talent in the first stages of the recruitment funnel.

Collaborative Hiring

Collaborate with all the hiring stakeholders on a single virtual platform and make a better hiring decision together.

Interview - Anytime - Anywhere

Jobma one-way virtual interview software provides you greater flexibility to attend video interviews at any time and from anywhere.

Advance Data Security

A multi-level authentication process, layered password policy, and advanced access control and network protection system before getting access to any information make Jobma's data storage system a leakage-proof network where your data is safe and protected.

Interview Customization Option

Set your interview parameters such as Time Taken, Answer Length, Number of Attempts, and Interview Question Kit based on your requirement and job profile. And select the most suitable talent that fits your company’s work culture using Jobma interview customization feature.


Video Interview Software

What are the different types of interviews?

Based on its usage and popularity, a video interview can be categorized into two types-
One-way video interviews and Live video interviews.

One-Way Video Interviews

A one-way or asynchronous video interview allows recruiters to record interview questions in text or video format once for all applicants. After receiving the interview questions, the candidates can record themselves answering from wherever and whenever they want. And submit the responses back to the recruiter. It's also known as asynchronous because the interviewers don't need to be present when recording the interview responses. Both employers and the candidates act independently in this interviewing process.

Using a one-way video interview, the employer can review & score the responses remotely on their own time and comfort. Candidates can record their answers via webcam, laptop, and mobile phones.

Live video interview

A live video interview connects the interviewers and applicants in real-time, virtually. It allows both recruiters and the candidates to have an open discussion and ask counter questions going beyond scripted interview schedules. It's an insightful medium of interviewing that lets the recruiters scan applicants' soft skills and personality and is used at higher interview stages. A live video interview is also an excellent platform for employer branding. It ensures vibrant visibility of the company's logo, color theme, tagline, and banner among candidates participating in the interview process from worldwide.

Why do companies use one-way video interviews?

One-way video interview enables recruiters to hire star talent remotely and eliminates the need for in-person interviews in the initial stages of hiring. It saves the valuable time and budget of the employers, making recruitment affordable and faster. If you are also looking for an on-demand video platform to grow your businesses, opt for Jobma video interviewing tool.

A virtual interviewing tool allows the hiring managers to extend their hiring going across the geographical limitations and select best-fit candidates for the role working remotely. It makes it convenient to join the interview process number of applicants in the interviews and ensures quality hiring for your company. At this time, when it is not safe to conduct in-person interviews due to a covid outbreak, a video interviewing tool provides you with the technical advantage to schedule the hiring process easily from afar. It also enables you to safeguard your staff and applicants from coronavirus outbreaks.

With video screening software, you can easily customize interview functionalities as per needs, such as time taken, answer length, and the number of takes, and make interviewing comprehensive, automated, and evidence-based. Online video interviews make interviews asynchronous, provide ATS integration, and allow hiring managers to screen a lot of candidates at the same time remotely. It helps you record interviews and compare a candidate from the rest and enables recruiters to review & score the candidates at their convenience.

How much is video interview software relevant for recruitment?

A video interview software eliminates the hectic process of one-by-one interviewing of the candidates at the initial level that makes hiring smoother, faster, and more effective compared to traditional recruitment practices. It helps recruiters shortlist the applicants based on the job description and improves the quality of hire. Below we have mentioned some key features of a video interview platform that would help you understand its relevance when hiring the right fit talent:

Make hiring remote-based- Video screening software screens millions of candidates simultaneously working remotely and enables recruiters to maintain hiring amid Covid outbreak. It also helps the interviewers and applicants avoid travel and participate in the recruitment process without travel.

Create a global talent pool- Using a virtual platform, a recruiter can easily connect with worldwide candidates, engage with them and select the best-fit talent for the position from afar. It reduces the business's dependency on local talent and improves their hiring performances.

Foster data-backed hiring: Digital recruitment platform allows recruiters to scan the candidates' non-verbal expression & soft skills in detail and record unlimited interviews. The hiring manager can easily compare a candidate from the rest using recorded interviews and makes a better hiring decision. Jobma video interview software provides an easy to explore dashboard for the hiring managers to track applicants' interview status and make interviews effective.

Improve collaboration Hiring is always a tough task for the people who are involved in recruitment practices. It needs accurate coordination of stakeholders in the hiring department to ensure selecting a suitable talent for the position. Video recruiting tool brings all the stakeholders to a single online platform and improves collaboration among them.

Above are the main reasons that make an online interview software a relevant tool to hire talent.

Does a video interview work on a mobile device?

Yes, it does! Jobma has designed a dedicated video interview app that supports your android and iPhone mobiles and helps you maintain your recruitment process from your mobile while looking after your other important tasks. It enables you to make your hiring process much more flexible and convenient than ever and helps you access the applicants more instantly. To participate in the interview process through a mobile app, you only need to pull out your mobile from your pocket, download & install the app on your mobile phone, and start interviewing.

Jobma video interviewing app offers you a high-tech interviewing solution and improves your working efficiency.

Why should Companies Switch to Video Interviews?

Integration of video interviews to the company's recruitment practices helps deliver a more effective and comprehensive hiring process than traditional. It also provides an opportunity for the candidates to showcase their talent going beyond the CV and enables you to scan if an applicant is only great on paper or having the real talent to hire. Consequently, a video recruiting tool helped you to gather detailed information about the candidate and make a better hiring decision while finally selecting a candidate for the position. Whether you are running a new start-up or a giant enterprise, a video interview helps you connect with the star talent remotely and faster in a cost-effective way. Unlike traditional interviews, the digital recruitment process well-structured your recruitment schedule and makes hiring effective and comprehensive than ever.

Companies keep competing for qualified talent in the job market, and an on-demand interviewing feature in your talent acquisition team may prove a secret weapon to sharpen your talent hunt strategy. It helps you attract the right-fit talent for the position by shortlisting the candidates based on your job requirement and improves the quality of in-person interviews. Another significant reason you should use a video interviewing tool to hire is that today we live in a technology-driven environment that is impacting and changing everything around us. Therefore, it's in favor of your company's growth that you go tech-pro, update your working culture, and choose tech-savvy talent to compete successfully in the hiring industry. To make this happen, nothing could be a better option than using a digital hiring solution for selecting tech-friendly talent for the position.

These are the prominent reasons why a growing number of companies are using video interviews in their hiring practices.

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