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Hire the Right-Fit Remotely With Jobma Video Interview Platform.

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Your Hiring With Jobma’s Automated Video Recruiting Tool

Transform your interviewing experience with Jobma’s cutting-edge automated hiring features. More than just an online interviewing software, Jobma provides you with ATS Integrations, Built-in Analytics, Collaboration tools, and Employer branding features to get to know your applicants and engage them in your workflow.

A virtual video interviewing platform helps you break through geographic constraints and avoid interview scheduling missteps by making your recruitment more structured. With an online video interviewing tool, it becomes easy to find the right fit for the positions and conduct bias free interviews.

What Makes

Jobma Virtual Video Interview Stand Out

Reduces need for in-person interviews

See the applicants in more detail before calling them in for the face-to-face interviews, leave your feedback, and review & score the candidate’s interviews remotely using Jobma’s pre-recorded video interview platform.

Go beyond the CVs

See the candidates who applied for your Job opening beyond what is listed on their CVs or application. And find people who suit your company's work culture the best.

Personalize your recruitment based on YOUR needs

Create your interview questions and requirement parameters for candidates with Jobma digital video interviews and quickly screen multiple candidates at once.

Interviews On The Go

Jobma online video interview offers you the flexibility to attend virtual interviews at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

A customized

Video Interview Solution for All Your Open Positions

Create customizable interview questions for a specific job opening with the help of Jobma video interviewing platform and enjoy complete control of your hiring process. Not only this, if you are tired of listing questions for the interviews, you can go on and choose from a research-based list of proven interview questions provided by Jobma.

Manage Your

Screening Efficiently with an Integrated Video Screening Tool

Get the interview help you need with the extended virtual screening support of Jobma. It helps you eliminate time-consuming and hectic manual screening of the applicants and transform your hiring into a more structured and efficient recruitment process. A pre-recorded video interview helps you send video interview invitations and share candidate's details in a single click and conveniently track the interview status from start to finish.


Compatibility That Makes Your Hiring Flexible

When scheduling an interview, it's always tough to get a time slot that suits everyone, but this isn't a problem anymore if you're using Jobma digital platform. It enables you to connect with the applicants using your computer, laptop, or MacBook from wherever and whenever you want. Besides, Jobma's video interview app offers you an opportunity to instantly connect to the worldwide talent pool and access the applicants 24*7 using your smartphone.

Eliminate Hiring

Insufficiency with Jobma On-Demand
Interviewing Tool

Rich Question Bank

Competency-based interview questions that provide guidance to ask relevant questions.

Calendar Integration & Custom Emails

Sync Interviews schedule with your calendar and customize email templates before sending them to the interviewee.


Participate in interviews from wherever and whenever you want using Jobma video recruiting platform.

Easy to Audit Individual & Team Reports

Track consolidates ratings and comments reports for all applicants into one comprehensive dashboard.

SGreater Applicant Experience

The easy-to-use interface gives candidates a hassle-free interviewing experience when participating from afar.

Structured Interviews

Structure interviews around a set parameter for a specific job opening and make it more comprehensive than ever.

Data-Backed Recruitment Decisions

Listing of candidates based on the score obtained allows recruiters to select talent through competency-driven scores even if the required number of candidates have not achieved the qualifying criteria.

Faster Hiring & Flexible Scheduling

Screen a lot of candidates at the same time, improve the time-to-hire ratio, and make it flexible when reviewing & score the candidates using Jobma one-way virtual interview.


Video Interview Platform

How to Choose the Best Video Interview Platform?

Below are some key features of a video interview that you should consider before choosing it.

Ability to Improve collaboration: A perfect video interview platform should help recruiters leave feedback and review & score the candidates quickly, without stepping out. It should make it easy for the hiring managers to share candidates' details with the experts and get faster feedback.

Foster worldwide communication network: A talent acquisition team would no longer suffer the lack of talent if integrated with quality video recruiting software. A well-designed digital interviewing platform help recruiters connect with a wide range of talent pools worldwide, interact with them and improve accessibility throughout the interview process.

Make hiring remote-based: A technologically advanced digital hiring platform allows interviewers to record interview questions once for all and enables applicants to record answers to interview questions from wherever and whenever they want that make hiring asynchronous and remote-based.

Reduces time and budget: A suitable video interviewing tool should reduce interview rounds, make it travel-free, and reduce expenses on hiring practices.

As there are plenty of recruiting platforms available in the market with their towering promises, Jobma offers you top-notch features such as remote interviewing, interview functionalities customization, asynchronous interview, and ATS integration at an affordable price. It has easy to use interface that promotes a data-backed recruitment process. Not only this, it is highly affordable and provides a free demo to its potential customers that makes Jobma an effective interviewing platform in this category.

Is Jobma Video Interviewing Software secure?

Jobma takes it as a responsibility to protect customer's data from threats and from time to time be aware and inform you about the safety concern of your data while using our video interviewing software. We also raise concern over the client's personal data safety when participating in a video recruiting and recommend important tips and ideas about how to secure your data.

We at Jobma adhere to the concerned agency's guidelines regarding providing security to client's data and give high priority to data privacy laws. We fully endorse the CCPA and GDPR acts defined by concerned authorities in their governing areas to protect the subject's personal data.

Jobma promotes and practices the right to personal data and is committed to maintaining transparency while dealing with subject data. To make sure that our policy ratifies the CCPA and GDPR act, we ensure a time-driven data security review and keep an eye on our product, emails, and other data sources.

Do you prioritize your data security and looking for digital interviewing software that ensures your data protection? If so, Jobma is a perfect digital solution that could assure the safety of your data when using our platform.

How can digital interviewing save my time?

A digital video interview platform helps recruiters connect with global talent and help them to select the best fit candidate for the position working remotely, reducing the need for in-person interviews and saves a lot of time on travel. The video interview software is specifically designed to screen the candidates quickly, shortlist the best among them for the final round of interviews, reduce interview rounds, and make hiring faster than ever.

Several surveys conducted on the effectiveness of digital interview reveals that using video interviewing to hire the right talent saves time and budget for the hiring managers by not less than 50%. Video screening software helps you shortlist the most suitable candidate based on the job description and eliminates the odd-fit candidate at the initial stages. Virtual interviewing reduces face-to-face interviews and ensures data-backed hiring through technological advancement. If you save your 30 minutes per applicant with one-way video interviews and screening 10,000 hires annually, that saves long hours. Not only this, the video interview platform helps you remotely scan the candidate in detail before calling them in for an interview and encourages a better hiring decision at the first attempt.

How Video Interview Platform Is Changing the Hiring Trends

Over the years, video recruitment platforms are increasingly becoming popular among businesses to reduce time and budget in hiring practices. It has certainly become an essential interviewing tool to screen applicants and maintain hiring remotely. A digital recruitment platform enables companies to maintain interviewing effectively even from afar without affecting hire quality. However, the remote interviewing process is the way companies use to hire. Here let's see how:

Video interview platform enables businesses of sizes to connect to global talent pools crossing the geographical limitations and help them hire the right-fit talent for the position working remotely. It reduces the dependency of the hiring industries on local talents and allows them to create a worldwide talent pool for the post.

Online video interviewing increases interviewers' outreach to a lot of candidates and improves the interview participation ratio of the applicant compared to traditional hiring.

Video screening platform enables recruiters to screen a lot of candidates at the same time. Besides, it allows the hiring managers to escape from one-by-one hectic interviewing of the candidates. Using a digital hiring solution, you can quickly complete interviewing and fast-forward the interview process that helps you reduce your time and budget.

Digital recruitment software helps you reduce expenses on travel and reduces the interview rounds that make hiring affordable. Most video interview tools, including Jobma, charge low for interview services and provide top-not hiring features at a reasonable cost.

Video interviewing helps your talent acquisition team connect with the talent remotely and scan them in detail before calling in for face-to-face interviews that improve in-person interviews' quality and reduce time-taken in a complete hiring schedule.

Such dedicated features of video recruiting software have completely transformed the interviewing experience of the hiring managers and make recruitment a technologically advanced mechanism.

Things You Should Know About Video Interview Platform Before You Adapt

Plenty of digital hiring software is available in the market and providing online interviewing services. But before you hop on a video interviewing platform for your talent acquisition team, you should know about its features and benefits in detail. Here are important things you should know before you consider a virtual recruiting platform:

Integrate an interviewing tool into your HR team having great compatibility ability. A digital hiring solution compatible with a vast range of interviewing tools could help you optimize your hiring efficiency and ensure an effective recruiting process. Jobma on-demand and live video interview platforms are compatible with most of the interviewing platforms available in the market and provide a smooth interviewing experience to both applicants and interviewers.

Choose an interviewing platform that can bring recruitment automation into your talent acquisition team, helps you screen faster, and improves coordination between recruiters and the hiring managers.

When selecting a video recruitment tool, keep in mind that it should have the ability to structure your interview and make it easy for you to hire starting talent for the position. Jobma helps interviewers to coordinate with applicants throughout the interview, shortlist the most suitable candidates for higher stages of interviews automatically and help you decide whether a candidate is or isn't suitable for the position.

One of the main functions of video interview software is to improve employer branding. A digital hiring platform should allow candidates to customize interview functionalities and make visibility of the brand vibrant through the company's logo, color theme, tagline, and promo videos among candidates who are participating in the interview process.

No matter how many features a video interview tool has, if it's not providing these features at an affordable rate, for sure such interviewing tools wouldn't be counted as the right tool for hiring. So, whenever you are looking for a digital hiring tool, make sure it's cost-effective.

Above are key things you should know before integrating an interviewing tool into your HR team.

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