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Jobma Recognized as a Leader in Video Interviewing Category by G2

Jobma has been recognized as a Leader in the video interviewing category by G2, a trusted business software review aggregator.


Jobma - a premier video interviewing platform announced new accessibility features for candidates and additional branding features for employers. It introduced new ways for candidates with disabilities to interact, navigate and record an interview on its platform. These powerful accessibility features aim to create an inclusive and equitable experience for candidates with disabilities and build on Jobma’s commitment to innovating in the recruitment landscape.

Jobma has also been named High Performer in the Enterprise software category and G2 users’ favorite tool of choice for video interviews evidenced by the additional Users Love Us award. These awards are reflective of Jobma’s substantial satisfaction and market presence scores. Jobma’s recognition as a leader and customer appreciation is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing a premier video interviewing solution with integrated AI features.

In their reviews, users, in particular, have written about the reliability and ease of use of the Jobma platform, and its privacy and security features. Others have praised the short turnaround time for issue resolution, and timely updates, including their recent AI feature drop.

We’re really proud of this one, Jobma has set the standard for innovation and customer experience in the hiring industry. We remain focused on implementing ethical AI tech in our solutions and helping organizations stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving industry.
-- Krishna Kant, Managing Partner at Jobma

Remote one-way video interview solutions have evolved as an essential tool in the HR industry globally. Jobma is continuously allocating resources to the development and implementation of AI-driven functionalities that empower recruiters and hiring managers to make well-informed decisions.

Jobma’s video interviewing software helps organizations improve the quality of hires, reduce time-to-hire, and drive growth. The product’s recognition as the Top Performer in the video interviewing software category by SourceForge makes it an even more valuable and trusted tool for businesses globally.

About Jobma

Jobma is a video interviewing platform trusted by companies of all sizes across the globe for their end-to-end hiring needs. With Jobma, organizations are able to screen candidates using video and audio interviews, share assessments, and collaborate with their teams all in one place. Jobma is loved by its customers for its user-friendly interface and robust integration support.

About G2

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