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Jobma Introduces Innovative Accessibility Features and More for its Video Interviewing Software

Jobma announced accessibility features for candidates and additional branding features for employers using its video interviewing software.


Jobma - a premier video interviewing platform announced new accessibility features for candidates and additional branding features for employers. It introduced new ways for candidates with disabilities to interact, navigate and record an interview on its platform. These powerful accessibility features aim to create an inclusive and equitable experience for candidates with disabilities and build on Jobma’s commitment to innovating in the recruitment landscape.

With advancements across Jobma’s platform and web browsers, candidates who have low vision can start an interview in full screen, customize the background and text, access the text reader, and use voice commands to write answers and take actions such as clicking a button, choosing a particular option in multi-choice questions, and more.

We believe that every voice deserves to be heard and every opportunity should be accessible to all. We’re excited to introduce new accessibility features that enable candidates with disabilities to use our platform in ways that best suit their needs. Jobma is committed to creating a level playing field and making its platform accessible to everyone.
-- Krishna Kant, Managing Partner at Jobma

Employers are able to customize interviewing page by adding their own company banner and video to the page. Jobma has also added support for company logos with varying dimensions. According to Jobma, these features allow employers to showcase their company and culture to the candidates and ensure a consistent visual identity throughout the hiring process. Candidates feel more engaged and associate the interview experience with the company’s values and image.

These features are available to all Jobma customers. The latest release also includes several bug fixes and performance enhancements. With its latest release combined with existing AI features such as live proctoring, transcriptions, and automated scoring, Jobma further establishes itself as a leading video interviewing platform, committed to driving innovation in recruitment.

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Jobma is a cloud-based video interviewing platform trusted by companies globally. With Jobma, organizations are able to screen candidates using video and audio interviews, share assessments, and collaborate with their teams, all in one place. Its customers love Jobma for its easy-to-use interface and robust integration support. Jobma is SOC 2 Type II certified, and GDPR and CCPA compliant ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for its users’ data.

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