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Jobma Integration With Checker

Jobma and Checkr are thrilled to announce a partnership and an integration that promises to simplify the recruitment process for their clients.


Jobma is a multiple award-winning Digital interview software that enables employers to screen candidates and make better hiring decisions. The platform is equipped with innovative features, such as Pre-recorded Video Interviews, Audio Interviews, Assessments, Coding challenges, Transcription, AI Proctoring, and AI Video Analysis, which enable HR teams from all over the globe to find better talent faster.

By integrating Checkr's powerful background screening services with Jobma, we are helping our customers make more informed hiring decisions with ease and confidence.
-- Krishna Kant, Managing Partner at Jobma

Jobma works with over 2,000 businesses worldwide, spanning across 55 countries and supporting 16 different languages, thereby making HR technology more accessible and cost-effective for organisations of all sizes. Thousands of recruiters rely on Jobma's Video Interviewing software to establish stronger relationships with hiring managers, showcase top talent, and enhance work efficiency by significantly reducing the time and costs associated with hiring. Jobma is fully committed to ensuring the privacy and security of its users, with 100% GDPR and SOC2 Type 2 Compliance.

The Checkr AI-powered background check platform is built to help users hire great people faster while maintaining compliance, trust, and safety. Checkr integrates directly with Jobma to make overseeing the screening process simple and reliable. Checkr is the only background check company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make hiring more inclusive and efficient.

This exciting collaboration combines Jobma's advanced video interviewing platform with Checkr's comprehensive background check services, enabling employers to make informed hiring decisions faster and more efficiently than ever before. The seamless integration of these two powerful tools will empower hiring teams to easily manage the entire recruitment process from a single platform, saving valuable time and resources.

Krishna Kant, Managing Partner at Jobma, said, "Deep integrations are crucial in HR Tech Ecosystem. Jobma and Checkr's partnership exemplifies this by integrating Checkr's background screening services with Jobma's platform to provide customers with informed hiring decisions. Leveraging their strengths and expertise, they offer even greater value and meet evolving needs. This partnership demonstrates Jobma's commitment to delivering superior solutions to customers."

With this innovative partnership, employers can use Jobma's video interviewing platform to conduct comprehensive assessments of candidates' skills and qualifications and then seamlessly initiate and track background checks using Checkr's advanced technology. This unified approach delivers a streamlined recruitment experience that enhances productivity, reduces costs, and drives better outcomes for both employers and job seekers.

In today's competitive job market, time-to-hire is critical. By partnering with Checkr, Jobma is empowering employers to make smarter, more informed hiring decisions in less time than ever before. With this exciting new partnership, Jobma and Checkr are leading the charge in driving innovation and transformation across the recruitment industry.

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