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Jobma and Infinite BrassRing Join Forces to Make Hiring Smarter

Jobma has partnered with Infinite BrassRing - a talent suite that offers world-class talent acquisition and onboarding solutions.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States, May 15, 2024

Jobma, an AI virtual interviewing platform, today announced its new integration partnership with Infinite BrassRing, a talent suite that offers world-class talent acquisition and onboarding solutions.

Jobma says its integration with Infinite’s talent suite simplifies complex hiring practices in the industry - freeing up valuable time and resources for recruiters and paving the way for great talent in their organizations. Recruiters will be able to assess candidates efficiently with Jobma’s ethical AI solution, evaluate interview results, and collaborate within a single, integrated system.

By integrating with Infinite BrassRing, Jobma strengthens its commitment to standardizing the hiring process as Infinite’s automation features nicely complement automation and AI in Jobma.

At Jobma, we're thrilled to announce this partnership with Infinite. By combining our industry-leading virtual interviewing platform with Infinite's unparalleled talent acquisition and onboarding solution, we're confident we can empower organizations to build high-performing teams faster and more efficiently than ever before.
This collaboration opens exciting new possibilities for how companies identify, assess, and integrate top talent into their workforce, ultimately propelling them toward achieving their strategic goals.
-- Krishna Kant, Managing Partner at Jobma
We’re on a mission to revolutionize talent acquisition by fostering seamless connections between businesses and talent. Our vision is a future where exceptional hiring experiences are the norm. Our strategy involves delivering ‘top of tier’ solutions through strategic alliances and partnerships.
Celebrating a union of innovation and expertise, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Jobma. Together, we forge a dynamic alliance, combining the robust capabilities of the BrassRing ATS platform with Jobma's cutting-edge video interviewing solutions. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in revolutionizing recruitment, empowering our customers with unparalleled efficiency and insight throughout the hiring process. Together, we stride forward, driven by a shared commitment to delivering excellence and shaping the future of talent acquisition.
-- Anshu Kant Pandey, VP at Inifinite

The partnership between Jobma and Infinite marks a significant milestone for both companies, bringing together two trusted platforms in the industry to deliver an unmatched hiring experience for enterprises.

About Infinite

Infinite Talent BrassRing is a comprehensive recruitment management system that supports the entire recruiting process and life cycle, helping companies automate, track, and improve their hiring management process. Infinite BrassRing offers innovative technology to make a candidate’s journey stimulating and a recruiter’s life easy.

About Jobma

Jobma is an AI virtual interviewing platform trusted by companies across the globe. With Jobma, organizations can screen candidates using one-way video and audio interviews, and coding assessments, and collaborate with their teams, all in one place. Jobma’s customers love it for its easy-to-use interface and robust integration support. Jobma is SOC 2 Type II certified, and GDPR and CCPA compliant ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for its users’ data.

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