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Jobma Announces New Features for its Video Interviewing Software Powered by AI

Jobma, a premier provider of video interview software has announced a new feature update that includes AI-powered scoring, curated assessment library, and more.


Jobma announced new features for its customers powered by artificial intelligence as part of its latest release. With the new AI scoring system, curated assessment kits, and additional language support Jobma aims to empower recruiters with a standardized evaluation process, enabling them to make informed decisions based on a holistic assessment of each candidate.

To enhance the video interviewing experience for its customers, Jobma is introducing an automated AI scoring mechanism. Jobma utilizes AI to score candidates on multiple aspects, including their proficiency in communication, ability to answer questions, and the pertinence of their answers. It provides a score for each individual answer as well as an overall average score. This feature is applicable to video, audio, and written answers. The software also tags candidates with keywords which subsequently helps search for relevant candidates.

Jobma has also integrated a comprehensive assessment library with more than 100 curated assessment kits tailored to various job roles. The assessment kits support written answers and single-select answer options in addition to video and audio answers. These job assessments can be dispatched to a large pool of applicants by recruiters. The questions within the assessment kits can be customized to evaluate candidates’ job-specific skills, personality traits, and other relevant criteria. The assessments can be filtered based on the industry and the role of a candidate.

Jobma's new feature drop showcases our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, empowering both employers and job seekers with cutting-edge tools and a seamless hiring experience. We believe our customers will be empowered with these meaningful AI capabilities which have been meticulously crafted over a period of several months.
-- Krishna Kant, Managing Partner at Jobma

Jobma continues to expand in Canada and has extended its support to the French (Canada) language for its French Canadian users and bringing the power of video interviewing to the seven million Canadians who consider French as their first language. Additionally, recruiters now have the ability to perform bulk actions such as deleting multiple interview invitations simultaneously.

With its latest release combined with existing features such as AI transcription, emotional analysis, and live proctoring, Jobma further establishes itself as a leading video interviewing platform, committed to driving efficiency, objectivity, and inclusivity in the hiring landscape.

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