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Introducing Analytics and Reports and Enhancements to Scheduling and Reminders in Jobma for Recruitment Optimization

Jobma introduces new analytics and reporting features, enhancements to live interview scheduling, and reminders for recruitment optimization.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States, 11 Dec, 2023

Jobma, a leading virtual interviewing platform, announced today that it’s introducing brand new analytics and reporting features for employers in its latest release. The new analytics let employers visualize key hiring metrics in chart and graph formats to inform their hiring strategy with data. Position insights will show position-specific interview data such as invitations sent for the position, candidates interviewing for the position, completion rates, etc. Jobma is also displaying a new Score Card alongside each candidate. The Score Card will display an overall score based on AI scoring, the number of questions attempted in an interview, and more. Jobma said the data presented is actionable and will help employers track invitations, interviews, completion rates, and more to make better hiring decisions.

Jobma is introducing smart scheduling for live interviews. Employers can share a link with candidates showing available interview slots. Candidates will have the flexibility to pick their desired slot and even reschedule or cancel the interview. Jobma also revealed that the reminder features have received a much-needed upgrade too. The employers can schedule and send out interview reminders at specific times before the interview.

Jobma is deeply committed to fostering diversity and inclusion as well as serving as a truly global tool for recruitment. The update brings support for transcriptions in 63 languages. The release also expands its integration support to popular recruitment platforms such as SmartRecruiters and Loxo.

We’re always working on our platform and bringing efficient tools for fast and scalable recruitment. Data should be actionable and we want to help our customers make informed hiring decisions.
-- Krishna Kant, Managing Partner at Jobma

The new release also included a few bug fixes and performance enhancements. The latest features further complement Jobma’s existing AI features such as transcriptions and scoring, cementing its status as a top virtual interviewing platform, committed to driving innovation in recruitment.

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Jobma is a cloud-based virtual interviewing platform trusted by companies across the globe for their end-to-end hiring needs. With Jobma, organizations can screen candidates using video and audio interviews, share assessments, and collaborate with their teams, all in one place. Jobma’s customers love it for its easy-to-use interface and robust integration support. Jobma is SOC 2 Type II certified, and GDPR and CCPA compliant ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for its users’ data.

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