More than 30,000 companies trust Checkr for their background screenings. The Checkr AI-powered background check platform is built to help you hire great people faster, while maintaining compliance, trust, and safety. Checkr integrates directly with Jobma to make overseeing the screening process simple and reliable. Checkr is the only background check company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make hiring more inclusive and efficient. Learn how Checkr is setting a new standard for speed, accuracy, and safety.

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We strongly believe in the principle of fairness, and we act accordingly. We believe that in our own way we can contribute to making the world a fairer place.


Checkr is built on intelligence. It powers our technology, streamlines our customers’ work processes, gets them better results, and lets them see candidates in a more nuanced light.


We strive for clarity and transparency in everything we do. We are transparent about our mission, our values and our goals. The benefits of our products are clear, and so is the way we communicate.