Chameleon-i is a recruitment software built by recruiters for recruiters to accelerate candidate screening. Its automation module includes an action system that can create and record various activity types, such as automated offer letters and rejections. This solution also has CV parsing tools, which can automatically populate candidate profiles with information from their resumes. Chameleon-i recruitment software is suitable for any sized recruitment agency.

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Increase Recruiter Productivity

Chameleon-i is cloud-based, meaning that you can use it anywhere. Whether you’re in the office or out, recruiters can work anywhere that has an internet connection.

Improve Communication Channels

Chameleon-i allows you to keep in touch with candidates and clients within our software. You can personalize e-mails to help your agency stay on-brand.

Save Time on Repetitive Tasks

A range of tasks can be automated with Chameleon-i, leaving you to get on with what you do best. It speeds up the process and reduces the time spent on monotonous tasks.