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How A Leading Retail Franchise in Canada Streamlined Seasonal Hiring and Imporved Worker Retention with Jobma


A leading retail franchise in Canada known for its curated lifestyle and wellness products grappled with two annual challenges: seasonal hiring surges and high turnover amongst seasonal employees. The traditional face-to-face interview process proved cumbersome during peak hiring periods such as the holidays, leading to delayed onboarding and frustrated applicants.


The inadequate training and engagement often resulted in short tenures for seasonal staff, impacting team cohesion and customer service quality.


Our client aimed to:

  • Streamline and accelerate seasonal hiring: Reduce the time and resources required to identify and onboard qualified seasonal employees.
  • Improve the quality of hire: Attract and select candidates with the right skills, attitude, and customer service potential.
  • Boost seasonal employee retention: Create a more engaging onboarding experience and foster a positive work environment, leading to increased retention and improved team performance.

Our client implemented Jobma’s one-way video interviewing software platform which allowed potential seasonal employees to record responses to pre-recorded questions about their customer service skills, product knowledge, and enthusiasm for the brand. Hiring managers could then review video recordings at their convenience, assess fit and personality, and select the most promising candidates.


The impact of introducing Jobma’s one-way video interviews was significant:

  • 70% faster time to hire: Jobma’s self-paced video format and streamlined review process significantly reduced the time from application to onboarding for seasonal employees.
  • 30% increase in qualified applicants: Offering a convenient and accessible interview format broadened the applicant pool and attracted more enthusiastic candidates.
  • 15% higher sales during peak season: Improved selection of seasonal employees with strong customer service skills contributed to increased sales and positive customer interactions.
  • The solution streamlined the hiring process, attracted better talent, and boosted sales by 15%.
  • Over 90% of candidates rated their Jobma interview experience as 4 stars or higher
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