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How a Top-Rated Hospital Uses Jobma’s Video Interviewing Platform to Hire at Scale


Our client is the world's largest integrated, not-for-profit medical group practice. It’s one of the top-rated hospitals in the US.


Before incorporating Jobma's video interviewing platform, our client relied on Modern Hire (subsequently acquired by HireVue) for its recruitment efforts. However, after careful evaluation, Jobma emerged as a solution that aligned more closely with their specific requirements. Our client sought a platform that was intuitive, easy to use, and integrated seamlessly with its established processes.


Our healthcare client needed help managing its hiring process, primarily due to the large number of applications received for each vacant position. As a distinguished healthcare institution with a workforce exceeding 63,000 individuals, our client sought a solution that would enable them to navigate this sizable candidate pool and identify the most qualified candidates efficiently.


Our client implemented Jobma's video interviewing platform to address their hiring challenges. With Jobma seamlessly integrated into their hiring workflow, the hospital experienced transformative benefits. They were able to conduct interviews with candidates remotely, saving both time and money on travel and scheduling expenses. Jobma allowed them to review and evaluate candidate responses at their own pace rather than being constrained by in-person interviews. The platform also came with live support for the hospital professionals who used the platform as well as the candidates, meaning the candidates could get assistance in real time if they faced any challenges during the interview process.

Another noteworthy aspect was Jobma’s scalability - important for our client to accommodate a large volume of applications. They also appreciated the data protection measures in place on Jobma, ensuring that all company and candidate information was secure and confidential. The platform's compliance with relevant data protection regulations gave our client peace of mind when using the platform for its hiring process.


Jobma's scalability emerged as a key factor for our client, precisely addressing the challenge posed by a substantial pool of candidates. They saw significant improvements in their hiring process after implementing Jobma's video interviewing platform. With Jobma, the hospital was able to streamline its candidate selection, enabling an efficient identification of the most qualified individuals. The benefits extended beyond the optimization of processes, translating into both time and cost savings. The platform's ease of use, scalability, data protection, and cutting-edge technology made it a valuable tool for our client's recruitment efforts.

  • The hospital saw a 71% reduction in time per hire with Jobma.
  • Over 90% of candidates rated their Jobma interview experience as 4 stars or higher
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