Case Study

An Educational Institution in the US

How This University is Using Jobma to Simplify Their Hiring and Save 60 Minutes Per Hire


A prominent institution in the US faced a growing challenge in its hiring process. The traditional system it had in place, i.e. phone screenings and in-person interviews, proved time-consuming and inflexible, often leading to delayed hiring decisions and frustrated candidates.


Attracting top candidates in a competitive landscape required an efficient and engaging experience for both candidates and hiring managers. The University was looking for a platform that could be customized with its branding that attracted candidates and offered superior experience.


The university sought a solution that:

  • Reduced the time spent on the initial screening process
  • Increase the pool of qualified applicants by eliminating geographical constraints
  • Enhance the candidate experience by offering convenient and accessible interview formats

The institution was seeking to improve the quality of hire with a richer view of candidates’ communication skills and personality.


The university implemented Jobma’s one-way video interviewing software platform. This technology allowed candidates to record responses to pre-recorded questions on their own time and devices, eliminating the need for synchronous scheduling. Hiring managers could then review interview recordings at their convenience, assess fit and qualifications, and invite promising candidates for further conversation. Ethical AI-powered features such as automated scoring, and live proctoring further helped them with their hiring decisions.


The impact of implementing Jobma’s video interviewing platform was significant:

  • 65% reduction in time per hire: The self-paced nature of Jobma’s one-way interviews, coupled with streamlined review processes, significantly cut down the time needed to move from application to offer.
  • 35% increase in applicant pool: With location no longer a barrier, the university could attract talent from a wider geographical area, leading to a more diverse and qualified candidate pool.
  • 4-star candidate rating: 90% of candidates who interviewed with Jobma appreciated the flexibility and ease of the one-way format, rating their experience at least 4 out of 5 stars.
  • The institution saw a 65% reduction in time per hire with Jobma.
  • Over 90% of candidates rated their Jobma interview experience as 4 stars or higher
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