Distributing Your Resume

Distributing Your Resume

Having a polished resume is important in any job search, and utilizing a video resume can also be an important piece of the puzzle, but are you doing all that you can with these resources to get you hired? Here are a few tips on how and with whom you should be sharing your resumes for optimal results in your hunt for your next position.

  • Have a Copy on You –
    Whether at a networking event, out to lunch, volunteer opportunity, job fair, or whatever else you might be doing, it’s always smart to have several copies of your resume. You never know when the topic of work could come up, or a new opportunity will arise.

  • Share It with your References –
    This comes in later on in the job search process, but your references need to be able to highlight the skills and abilities that you’re advertising on your resume. If they are contacted, having your resume in front of them allows them to easily remember your experience.

  • Post and Share Online –
    Make sure that you’re utilizing every resource out there. Post it on job boards and share it throughout social media. Doing so not only makes it easier to apply online, but increases your visibility and strengthens your personal brand, especially when paired with a video resume.

If you’d like to optimize your sharing capabilities and increase your reach, check out Jobma. With Jobma, sharing your paper resume also provides access to your online portfolio and video resume all that the same time through the use of a QR code. This feature allows you to make sure everyone has access to all of the pertinent professional information necessary to get you the job you want.

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