Create Video Resumes to interact with employers in a way not possible through existing job search sites.


Jobma offers a powerful job search engine that allows Job Seekers to interact with employers in a way not possible through existing job search sites. With over ten years of experience in the job sourcing industry, We utilize our knowledge to create an an online experience aimed to ease the process and costs associated with getting a job and hiring an employee. Having experience with many people in need of employment or looking for a change, we understand that Job Seekers need to be more than just a resume. Jobma gives Job Seekers a high level of personal branding by combining their traditional resume with a personalized Video Resume and social media integration. This gives employers an opportunity to "meet" candidates before bringing them in for an interview, and gives Job Seekers a competitive advantage in a flooded marketplace.

Traditionally, the search for a new employee is a long drawn out process that takes a significant amount of a company's time, effort and money. That is why JOBMA was innovated to simplify the process of employee sourcing and hiring for businesses. Jobma gives you a global workforce at your fingertips. No need to overspend and waste time on travel costs and scheduling issues with potential hires. Find candidates, view resumes and request online interviews all from your computer or smart device. Jobma will save your company valuable time and resources as compared to current common practices.

Jobma allows for Job Seekers to enrich their ability to reach Employers in a unique and meaningful fashion. In our opinion differentiation is the key to getting an Employer's attention, and therefore getting a job. Jobma offers the ability to stand out by being able share to present yourself directly and sharing your personality and experience in a short well thought out pitch. Jobma streamlines the hiring process by eliminating the stress, guess work and error out of filing through resumes. Create a better company fit by 'meeting' the candidates before the interview. Create flexibility by setting up a video interview and find a better company fit for every position.

Advantages for Job Seekers

Jobma allows Job Seekers to present themselves directly to employers and make the right first impression. By creating a Video Resume, Job Seekers can showcase their personality and soft skills in a short well thought out video pitch that is shareable via email, other job boards or social media networks. A Jobma Video Resume profile helps candidates stand out amongst competitors vying for the same position.

Advantages for Employers

For employers, Jobma is a multimedia marketplace of talent. Jobma's Video Resume capabilities save employers time and money by giving them a first impression of candidates before scheduling screenings or interviews. Jobma allows employers to see how candidates would fit into their company culture and helps create the best possible job fit when hiring.

Find candidates, view video Resumes and request online interviews all from your computer or smart device.

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