Video Interviews: A Quick primer

How many types of Video interviews are there?

There are two types of video interviews.

1. Live Video Interview
As the name suggests, a live video interview is an interview that is conducted over the internet using video technology. Candidates and employers get together to take part in a video chat that replaces the traditional phone or in person conversation.

2. Pre-recorded (or Asynchronous) Video Interview
pre-recorded video interview is a type of video interview where the questions are set up in advance by the Employer at the time of the job posting. When the candidate applies for that job they then record a video of themselves answering those questions using a webcam or a mobile device. These answers are then sent to the Employer to review.

Why do employers and job seekers prefer video interviews?

For employers, Video Interviews are a great tool when it comes to saving time and money. They can cut down on travel costs and reduce the time the hiring team spends looking at resumes and talking to candidates. Video interviews also make collaboration within the hiring team easier since you can have multiple people within the organization look at the video recordings and work together to find the best candidates.

For candidates, video interviews add a degree of convenience that is simply not possible with the traditional method of interviewing. They can take part in asynchronous video interviews from the place and time of their choosing. They are easy to use and they open up the possibility of applying to long distance job postings since you no longer have to travel to a location to give an interview.

If you have more questions about video interviews, why not check out our FAQ?

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