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Throughout this trying time, Jobma will remain dedicated to supporting the small businesses, nonprofits and minority owned business in their operations. We realize that intent and words are simply not enough - Jobma in partnership with MEDA, is providing US small businesses free subscription from the time they sign up for the service, through December 31, 2020.

If you are a small business organization that is eligible for the SBA Paycheck protection program, just fill out the form by clicking here and we will send you details for how to access your free Jobma Account. You can even send us an email at, with MEDA in subject line.

About Jobma:

Jobma offers video interviewing, virtual interviewing, audio interviewing, automated assessments and much more. JOBMA allows you to evaluate and hire candidates by utilizing technology while keeping SOCIAL DISTANCE. We are helping companies gain a competitive advantage in the modern recruiting marketplace. Jobma is being used worldwide by over 500 customers in 14 languages.