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Digital Video Interview

To Get Hired, Get an easy Job Assistance App!

A video resume app can be a fantastic addition to your toolset when you are looking for a job in today’s digital market. And that is why we at Jobma came up with the Mobile app so that you can find jobs, take part in video interviews and create video resumes even when you are on the go. The app is free to use for any job seeker that signs up with Jobma and is available right now on the iOS and Android app store.

Want to learn more? Read on.

The Jobma app lets you record your video resume from the mobile device itself. Most mobile phones today have a camera inbuilt and using that to record your video resume is the most convenient and easy way to do that. Of course, you can edit and change your video recording from the mobile device itself.

Our App also connects with your social media accounts. After all, once you are done recording the video resume you should be able to share it on your social media profiles and we give you the platform to do just that. So of course, it integrates into Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc. So you can share directly from the app itself.

And it is absolutely available on the platform of your choice. Most people today use Android or iOS and we made sure it works great across both those platforms. So create your account, set up your video resume and start sharing right away.