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What is an interview software?

Hiring is a dynamic process that needs continuous optimization. Therefore, it is essential to use interview software in this digital era.

Interview software enables companies of all sizes to streamline their hiring process. This is a modern and cutting-edge hiring approach used by various organizations worldwide. Video interview software speeds up your hiring process by replacing the traditional time-consuming method of phone screening with a thoroughly modern approach of one way video interviews. You can use this methodology in different stages of your hiring process, setting yourself apart from the competition.

Companies can use this software to evaluate candidates’ performance virtually. These tools assist recruiters, hiring managers, and HR personnel in finding the best candidates for open positions.

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How does an interview software work?

An Interview software offers an array of advantages to its users. With this software, recruiters can conduct two types of interviews, organizing their hiring process at a scale.

Live interviews

Live interviews are like a traditional in-person interview process with one notable difference: candidates and recruiters will meet virtually. They can meet at a mutually convenient time and have a real-time conversation. The best digital interviewing software will allow you to evaluate candidates effortlessly.

On-demand interviews

The on-demand interviews are also known as asynchronous, one-way, or pre-recorded interviews. In this type of interview, recruiters send a predetermined set of questions to candidates. Candidates answer those questions in the form of a video recording.

What are the benefits of video interviews?

Video interviewing is a powerful tool in the hiring world today because of the ease it offers to both recruiters and candidates. There are two types of video interviews, live interviews, and on-demand interviews. Remote video interview software allows employers to conduct both types of interviews, offering different benefits.

For recruiters
No scheduling conflicts
Reduces time to hire
Minimize hiring-biases
Hire Collaboratively using team feedback
Increased candidate pool with no geographical limitations
Conveniently leave remarks about a particular candidate
Improves the quality of hire
Cost-effective hiring
No time zone conflicts
Include stakeholders in the hiring process
For candidates
No scheduling issues
Works across devices
Interview from anywhere
Multiple language support
Reduce unwanted travel expenses
Easily showcase strengths and qualities

How to incorporate interview software into your hiring process?

In this digital age, where everything revolves around technology, almost every organization is leveraging HR video interview software in their hiring process to enhance productivity and save time. Both live and pre-recorded interviews serve different purposes; hiring managers should embrace both technologies to empower their recruiting efforts.

With these modern tools, recruiters can save time to hire by 50%. Many companies have already incorporated video interviewing in their hiring process to select candidates more effectively. A common approach to embracing video interviews is-

What should I look for in interview software?

There is no shortage of video interview tools in this digital age. All tools have unique features, and your preferred online interview software will depend on your short-term or long-term hiring goals. Some things that you must look for in interview software are-

  • Easy to use
  • Integrations
  • Pricing
  • Brand customization
  • Reviews or feedback
  • Support and training
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Great candidate experience
  • Customization & scalability
  • Multilingual capability
  • Collaboration features

Why choose Jobma?

Jobma has everything you need to simplify your hiring process. It comprises exceptional features to connect with the most promising candidates. It is one of the best software for recording video interviews.

Jobma is the perfect software for exit video interviews. Employees who are leaving the organization can offer insightful feedback through Jobma exit interviews. Reviewing these exit video interviews will assist your business improve employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

Some reasons that make Jobma worth choosing are-
Support fair hiring

Jobma understands that hiring biases can negatively impact your entire workforce. Thus, it supports fair hiring practices. With the pre-recorded interviews, you can easily make data-driven decisions and have documented written feedback from your team for candidates. As the same set of questions is sent to multiple candidates, it eliminates any chances of unconscious biases.

Affordable pricing

Jobma has affordable pricing plans to meet the needs of different sizes of companies. Whether you are a small business or own a big firm, Jobma has pricing plans fit all budgets. Employers can easily select the plan as per their needs and recruit applicants easily.

ATS integration

Jobma the video interview software has integration with several ATS to make sure that you hire the best talent. Enhance your hiring process by improving the way you engage, assess, and hire people. With the ATS integration, managing your entire hiring process becomes easy since your workflow remains the same.

Protect your security

Jobma’s top priority is your security, and it promises to keep all your data safe. We follow GDPR and CCPA guidelines. It knows that HR data security is critical, and you care about how your data is used. Thus it has a comprehensive privacy policy in regard to the information it collects and uses.

Positive candidate experience

Jobma ensures a positive candidate experience by offering live support to them. Positive candidate experience is essential to attract quality candidates to your organization. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use interface, and applicants can use it seamlessly. And lastly you can include your branding to create a wonderful interview experience.

Video Interviewing FAQ

Is Jobma an interview Software?

Yes, Jobma is an excellent video interview software designed to make hiring simple and structured. It has incredible features to improve your quality of hire. With its pre-recorded interviews, live interviews, and digital assessments, you can find the right candidate easily.

How do I do a video interview?

Conducting video interviews is a simple process that can be done with a few clicks. Implement the following steps to do a video interview.

  • First of all, understand the job and role requirements.
  • Create a set of questions, and send the required link to candidates.
  • The candidates will answer the questions, and you can review them at your own convenient time.
  • Select the best candidates among a lot, and invite them for a live interview. Send the link to a live interview with credentials to the selected candidates.
  • For the final round, have a real-time conversation with candidates over the video interview.
Which platform is best for online interviews?

However, many tools are available for online interviews, but Jobma comprises the best features. Its innovative use of pre-recorded and live interviews gives you the capability to win over the best talent. Jobma allows recruiters to transform their hiring process so that the best candidates can be selected at ease. Some of the features of Jobma are-

  • Conducting pre-recorded and live interviews are very convenient with Jobma.
  • Recruiters can send digital assessments to candidates to evaluate their performance seamlessly.
  • Its pricing plans are very affordable and suit the budget of different sizes of companies.
  • Employers can even conduct panel interviews.
  • Jobma allows different team members to leave ratings about a candidate.
Is Jobma a popular platform for online interviews?

Yes, Jobma is highly popular among recruiters and hiring managers due to its features. The software is being used in 30 different countries and in 14 different languages. Since its launch, plenty of big companies have been using it to accelerate their hiring process at a scale.

How long should a live video interview last?

There is no limit to that. Live video interviews can be as long as you want.

What do employers look for in video interviews?

Video interviews have replaced traditional phone screening, giving you a better insight into the candidates’ qualifications. Some things that employers look for in a video interview are-

  • Candidate’s body language
  • Confidence level
  • Ability to answer questions under pressure
  • Candidate’s honesty while answering questions
How does a one-way video interview work?

One-way interviews are also known as pre-recorded interviews. These types of interviews are the best for the initial stages of the hiring process. You can screen candidates without any biases through these types of interviews.

  • Firstly, employers have to record a set of questions they want to ask candidates.
  • After that, send the link to those questions to candidates.
  • Applicants will answer those pre-recorded questions and submit them.
  • Once done, you can review the submitted questions at your convenience.
Can you do a video interview on the phone?

Yes, Jobma has a mobile application that allows you to do a hassle-free interview on the phone. Whether you have an Android Phone or iPhone, you can conduct or participate in the interviews conveniently.

What are the 2 types of virtual interviews?

Virtual interviews are of 2 types - one-way video interviews and live interviews.

  • One-way interviews - In this type of interview, employers send a pre-recorded set of questions to their candidates. The candidates then answer those questions and submit them to hiring managers. There is no real-time conversation in a one-way interview.
  • Live interviews - This type of interview is very similar to the in-person interview, where candidates and employers interact in real-time. Through live interviews, hiring managers can evaluate candidates’ performance very easily.
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