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How It Works

You set up interview questions and applicants record their video response to them, it’s that simple. A Pre Recorded Video Interview process can save your organisation a tremendous amount of time. You can screen a large number of candidates efficiently and accurately. We at Jobma believe in making that process as simple as possible. So even if you have never done a Pre Recorded Video Interview before, we can help you set it up in a few simple steps.

  • Create an interviewVideo Interview

    Set up a series of questions that candidates have to record an answer for. You can either create your own set of questions or pick from Jobma’s library of existing relevant questions.

  • Digital Video InterviewInvite candidates

    Invite applicants to Jobma and they can record their responses to your questions. All they need is a webcam or a mobile phone.

  • Complete interviewVideo interview software free

    Once a candidate has recorded his response, you get a notification immediately. Those responses are saved and available to be viewed by you or your team afterward on demand.

  • Video recruiting softwareShare & evaluate

    We understand that hiring in most organisations is a team effort. Jobma lets you coordinate the evaluation process with other members of your hiring team

  • Make a final decisionVideo screening software

    Once you have evaluated the responses you can notify candidates on their results through existing email templates on Jobma and proceed from there.

Get Your Personal Demo

We would love to talk to you about Jobma and how it will integrate into your hiring process. And we would love to show you how it works. If you are interested in a product demonstration you can request a demo by clicking on the link below and one of our product experts will give you a live demo.

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Modernize the Job Search Hiring Process with JOBMA

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By creating a professional JOBMA profile that includes a traditional resume, video resume and social media integration, job seekers take control of their personal brand and are given an opportunity to showcase both their hard and soft skills.

Through JOBMA, employers are given an opportunity to save time and money by getting the first impression of candidates before ever bringing them in for an interview. Employers can also use JOBMA to post jobs, review candidates and find the best employee possible for every available position.

Design your Video Interview Experience

Video recruiting software
Promotional Video

A promotional video is the best way to personalize and brand your organisation to prospective candidates. Jobma lets you record (or upload an existing) branding video that you can share with applicants.


We offer world class support to all our customers. If you run into an issue or are unsure of how to use an existing feature, get in touch with us and a Jobma representative will take care of any queries you have.


Video Upload or Recording

Jobma offers high quality HD video recording. All the responses recorded by candidates are securely uploaded and stored on the Cloud and available to you on demand.

Unique Interview Link

Whenever you set up a pre recorded video interview, you get a unique interview link that you can share with others.

Interview Deadline

If your job requirement has an urgent deadline, you can set one up on Jobma. That ensures that candidates know that all responses are to be recorded by the date requested.

Interview Builder

Jobma has a vast library of existing questions and templates you can use when you are setting up your interview. You benefit from our experience.

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