Why Can’t I Get Hired Through Monster?

Why Can’t I Get Hired Through Monster?

You’ve polished and perfected your resume and cover letter, applied for what feels like 500 jobs on Monster, and have heard nothing back. Does this sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. And there’s nothing wrong with your application. But there are definitely some issues with where you’re sending it.

An article I recently read states that the success rate for finding a job on Monster is about 3 percent, and that the numbers are similar for CareerBuilder and other large job posting sites. So how do people find jobs then? Well, the article goes on to cite a large-scale survey that provides the answer to this question. The survey states that 35% of jobs are filled by with-in company hires. Here’s the breakdown for external hires:

  • 30% – referrals/networking
  • 20% – through the company website
  • 12% – Internet advertising
  • 8% – direct sourcing (i.e. corporate recruiting)
  • 3% – college recruiting
  • 3% – career fairs and open houses
  • 3% – print advertising
  • 3% – outside recruitment agencies
  • 3% – contract-to-hire
  • 15% – other

So what is the take-away message here? Well, these numbers clearly show that there is not one foolproof path to finding a job. The key to being successful, then, is to cast a wide net and spread your profile across as many platforms, social media accounts, and networks as possible. Relying only on one job posting website will most likely not get you very far.

(Forewarning: I will now be stepping on my soapbox.)

Jobma recognizes this reality and has designed its website accordingly. After creating their video resumes and filling out their profiles, job seekers are encouraged to share these through e-mail and on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. In other words, Jobma wants job seekers to network. Job seekers are also given the opportunity to apply for jobs using their Jobma profile both on the Jobma website and on any other job posting website.

Jobma understands the process of finding a job in today’s world. Networking, sharing on social media, and casting a wide net are a must. Start your path to success today by creating a free video resume trial with Jobma—the site where you can share your profile and apply for a job on any website.

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