Video Interviewing: Tips for Buying a Promising Hiring Tool

Amid the coronavirus outbreak when the working world is shifting to a digital platform to protect their businesses from the deadly pandemic, a video interviewing tool has become mandatory for a hiring team to continue hiring.

The virus has made it inevitable for businesses worldwide to operate their business activities while supporting remote working environments.

Jobma video interview software lets the recruiters connect with candidates from anywhere and at their chosen convenience. It allows to them to continue hiring while working remotely without compromising work efficiency. It also allows a recruitment team to post online job positions, invite candidates for the role, schedule live interviews and complete full interviews quickly and cost-effectively.

In these uncertain times, digital platforms have turned into full-time virtual workplaces, it has become essential to choose to an interview software carefully. Finding something which can enhance the interviewing ability of your hiring team has become critical.

Jobma provides options to the hiring team to customize the interview questions and make the whole recruiting process more precise and productive than ever before.

Tips for choosing a video interview tool to improve hiring ability

A video interview software helps the recruiters to quickly screen candidates and review answers without setting up in-person meetings. It makes the hiring quick and automated by eliminating the in-person meet when interviewing. Here are some tips to follow before considering a video interview tool for your businesses:

Select an easy to use and affordable video interview tool: The selection of the interviewing tool is the most crucial aspect for a virtual interview. So we recommend you select a user-friendly recruiting tool that can enhance the ability if your recruiters when interviewing. Jobma video recruiting software can connect recruiters with a lot of candidates and review answers while working remotely. Jobma charges just $1 per interview, which can make this virtual platform a very affordable product in this category.

Find something that will make your job postings look impressive: If you are posting a job position on online portals, make sure that it should look dynamic, promising and visible. Jobma video interview platform can help you to improve your hiring campaign by widening the visibility of the recruitment on a virtual platform. You can even add videos to your Job posting.

Helps you increase your candidate outreach: Jobma recruiting tool lets a hiring manager widen their net to find the best-fit position for the role. With Jobma you can invite as many candidates as you like, regardless of their geographical boundaries.

Use something that will shorten your time to hire: It is important to focus on what information you need from candidates during the interview process. With Jobma you can use the feature of an interview kit to prepare your questions before the interview process.

So, if you implement the tips as mentioned above for video interviewing, it will make your hiring process much more improved and automated.

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