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Planning is necessary for success in any field. Proper planning makes you confident and provides you the strength to face challenges. When you go to the interview without proper planning and preparation, then there are chances of your failure and you may not be able to present yourself to the extent of your capabilities. You should plan yourself before, at the time, and after the interview.

Planning before appearing Interview:
  • How-tos of Interview: Learn the how-tos of interview. View the expert’s videos of how one should behave and appear for the interview.
  • Practice Interviews: Prepare your thoughts and answers for interview. Practice interview questions.
Planning at the time of Interview:
  • Map your Route: Before going to the interview plan your route. This will help you to reach the interview venue on time.
  • Stress Relievers: Do some stress releasing exercises. Relax your mind by listening to music, playing games, or doing things that soothes your senses.
Planning after appearing Interview:
  • Interview Debrief: Make a list of points that you learnt from the interview. Try to imbibe the good qualities and avoid repeating mistakes. This will help you in your future interviews.
  • Follow-Up Reminders: Make follow-up reminders to the company if you are told to do so, else don’t. If you are selected in the interview then you should get a call soon.

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